Who Needs Alcohol Anyways?

Oh man, I have not written in a very long time.
As much as I wanted to and love writing, life has been difficult with school… who knew?
Why don’t I tell you beauties about my craaazy year.
It all started around frosh week, as a typical student I drank too much and partied too hard.
One night, a Thursday night to be exact, I went out with some of my girls. It was after all of my midterms so I was definitely ready to celebrate! I planned to drink moderately, knowing that I had to be up by 6:20AM the next day. We started with some Smirnoff and then one of my Mexican friends pulls out a bottle of tequila; and that is when it started to get messy. It was almost as if I didn’t realize how much I was actually drinking. We drank as much as we could with iced green tea as a chaser that I brought because my roommate bought a huge box of it! Before we even left, one of my girls puked all over the table. We all drunkenly tried to help her out, vaguely remembering what happened after.

->From now on is pretty much stories I have been told… filling in my memory

We finally made it, and we start dancing… me slutty as ever of course because I have no recollection of my shame. Even some exes and some guys I never had mutual interest in approached me, expecting I was in complete consciousness. I danced with a few being told later by my girls I had a sexual look on my face. After a bit of dancing, the night kept getting worse. I ended up in the bathroom feeling sick. Not puking, just wanting too because I was so dizzy! My girl, who originally puked, took care of me by FORCING me to puke and sticking my finger down my throat. The night ended up in a sloppy taxi ride and needing a drive home from my friend’s place. I couldn’t find anyone!!
My girl texted my best friend, and he came to pick me up and drive me home on a pouring down night.

After this night, I gave up drinking and the simple thought of iced green tea disgusts me.
I mean I still have fun and go out and to parties, but it seems that everyone always tries to shove alcohol in my mouth!
My friends think I have pulled an extreme, but it just feels right so far. What do you guys think? too much?
I mean I drink the occasional beer with my meal, but that is as far as I go.

Love you angels, Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to comment whatever you’d like!