What to REALLY Expect at Prom

#1 Makeup does not need to be over-the-top.

Sure, you can wear makeup! Work with different products to enhance (not cover up!) your natural beauty.

#2 You don’t need a date to attend prom! (Most high school students are single, anyway!)

My best friend and I didn’t have a date so we shared one and had the best time EVER!  It was totally stress free and we turned heads walking in all glammed-out on the arm of one guy.
– Xania, Editor – Vervegirl Magazine

I’m graduating this year, so my prom is only months away. But from what I’ve noticed, it’s not really a big deal whether or not you have a date. All of my friends are going solo and it’s totally cool! So I say, don’t stress out if you haven’t been asked out to prom in ‘Laguna Beach’ style because even though it’s called ‘reality TV’, it just isn’t reality!
– Rachel, Intern

#3 Not everyone arrives in a limo.

I’m just taking the TTC.
– Rachel, Intern

My father ordered a limo for my friends & I. But on prom night, a big white handicap bus pulled up beside my house instead!  Rather than being upset, my friends and I thought it was hilarious and embraced the fact that we had the most original prom ride. But at the end of the night, we went outside to find our bus and it was gone. I think someone on the street hailed it down and got a ride.
– Jordanna Ber, Graphic Design & Vervegirl Unedited

#4 Have fun but prepare for any sort of situation.

My perfect prom dress was above my parents’ price range, so they splurged. I was happy & ready for the big night with a perfect dress, what could possibly go wrong?  Well, perhaps the hottest looking girl in the school
could show up in the same dress.  And yes, yes, she did.  She had a body like Megan Fox and rocked that dress like she was up for an award. Needless to say, my dress didn’t seem so perfect anymore
– Kim Cooper, Editor – B-Zone

There was a lot of drinking at my prom after-party. I felt uncomfortable so I left – but I’m glad I did. I heard that many kids ended up making mistakes and feeling sick afterward.” – Lauren, Intern

Have a safe & fun prom! This is the night you’ve been looking forward to, so make it your best!