Wake Up and Meet The Vamps!

By Angela McLean

The last few years have been amazingly crazy for British boys Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, James McVey and Tristan Evans, better known as The Vamps. It all started when these talented guys started uploading covers of popular songs to their YouTube channel back in 2012. The success of these covers gave them a platform to release their own original music including their debut single, “Can We Dance”. It racked up over one million views within weeks of its posting and gave The Vamps worldwide exposure. Continuing with this success, their debut album, ‘Meet The Vamps’, peaked at #2 on the UK Official Charts and has since been certified gold. In support of the album, The Vamps have been touring the world and meeting thousands of fans, but arguably none are as dedicated as their Canadian fans who had the chance to see their faves while they were on tour with the Family Channel this past August.

Wake UpFans can expect to see a lot more of The Vamps in the coming months – it was just announced that their new single “Wake Up” will be dropping October 2, with their album of the same name following on November 27.

Vervegirl met up with The Vamps before their big performance at Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert in Toronto to get the inside scoop on ‘Wake Up’, working with Shawn Mendes and touring with their bros.

Vervegirl: Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert Tour is your first Canada-wide tour but it’s definitely not your first time on the road! What are some of your tour must-haves?

Tristan: A WhizBoard and PlayStation 4.

James: A football.

VG: How would you describe your sound?

Brad: As people know it now, it’s acoustic-driven and indie-pop. As for where it’s going, the music will sound like Imagine Dragons.

VG: The Vamps Live EP just came out exclusively in Walmart stores across America. Tell us about the EP!

James: The EP was done at The O2 Arena in London so it’s our live show. Hopefully fans will like it. If they haven’t seen us live then it’s a good preview.

The VampsVG: Your sophomore album, ‘Wake Up’, comes out November 27! Is there anything in particular that heavily influenced the overall vibe of the album?

Brad: With the last album, “Can We Dance” and “Wild Heart” were the DNA of the album and those two songs were the frontrunners of the album. It’s the same with this one. There are a couple of important songs that shape the rest of the album. The sound is a bit more of ‘80s synths and it’s more like the new Taylor Swift album and MGMT.

VG: You guys worked with one of our favourite Canadians, Shawn Mendes, on a special version of your single “Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)”. How did that collaboration come about?

Brad: We were touring with him over the last year and we became quite good friends. He’s got a great voice and he’s a nice guy. He’s 16 but looks like he’s 35.

Tristan: He looks like an action man!

VG: You guys have your own record label in collaboration with EMI/Universal! How did that project come about and what are your roles in the operation of the label?

Tristan: It’s great! We love the business side of it. We’re quite hands-on with everything when it comes to music, marketing and the way the artists are going to be pushed and what direction they’re going to go.

The VampsVG: One of your signings, The Tide, is also playing on the Big Ticket Summer Tour! How does it feel to be their older musical brothers?

Tristan: It is like having a meal with a bunch of kids. I sat down and had lunch with them the other day; it felt like being back at school. [Laughter] It was cute. Yeah, they’re lovely and it’s great to hang out with them on tour and have an opportunity to shape and mould a band from day one.

VG: Can fans expect a collaboration between The Vamps and The Tide?

Brad: Definitely! We’ve been writing a lot together. In terms of putting out a song together, maybe in the future. We do really like their sound and everything that they’ve been doing. It’s all really cool.

VG: Do you have anything you want to say to your incredible fans?

James: Thank you very much for all the support. We’ll be back soon to Canada for more fun times.

Thank you, The Vamps! You may know The Vamps’ song “Girls on TV”, but on Friday, September 25 at 7:30PM ET, The Vamps will be the Boys on TV! Don’t forget to tune into the Family Channel for the exclusive Big Ticket Summer special. Follow The Vamps on Twitter @TheVampsband.