VG What You Said: We Can Make A Difference

At the beginning of the year, we posted a Just Cause survey where you shared your thoughts on important issues. It was no surprise that Vervegirls are passionate about making a change and improving the world.

The future is in our hands
Make your courses educational, fun and helpful to the world round you.We asked if you would take an international development course in school.An assignment in this course would require you take part in a mission or organize a community event.

89.3% YES!
This project makes sense in a high school civics course. After all, civics is
“the study of the privileges and obligations of citizens.” Talk to your teachers and/or principal about adding a community development project to the curriculum. Earning an A has never felt so rewarding! Sin-Young Kim is the Chair of Beyond Business at the University of Toronto. These students actively raise awareness and participate in community development projects. Sin-Young explains, “As future business leaders, students should take the initiative to get involved in the community.”

Many of you want to volunteer abroad but can’t afford it.
Although 47.1%  of you reported that volunteering abroad is too expensive, think about it this way: if you save $20  a week, that ’s $80 a month and over $1000 in a year.

Simple ways to save:
• Bring a lunch to school
• Borrow your reading material from the library
• Need a new outfit? Try shopping at a vintage store for unique finds
• Keep your earnings in a cute piggy bank that must be broken open

Vervegirls with a Voice
Global issues seem to garner immense support, especially with media coverage. Do you think the Canadian government is doing enough at the
community level to help make a difference?
72% NO!

We are all talk, no action. I would like for us to take these events seriously & have success stories in the media as well.
– Vervegirl Survey Participant

I don’t think many people know what is needed in the world at a community or global level. I think we need to be more involved with the government. What is
democracy when we are totally unaware of what is really going on?

– Vervegirl Survey Participant

Everyone had a positive moment to share.
We asked you to share your most memorable charitable moment. Here’s what some of you said.

I sorted food for the homeless at my local food shelter and I just knew that people would be benefiting from my efforts. I had a great time and was helping others.

I was able to volunteer in the Dominican Republic this past summer. It was the most humbling experience of my life, and I’m proud to say that I have made a difference, and will continue to do so!

Personally collected 2300 stuffed animals to send to children in Uganda last summer.

Your help is valued, direct or indirect.

Results based on Youth Culture’s Cause Survey, 459 females between the ages of 13-24. January 31/2010