VG Gets Curious about DANNY FERNANDES!

by Priya Panda

       Imagine Danny Fernandes’ surprise when he found out that “Curious,” a song he had worked on in a friend’s studio in downtown Toronto, had been downloaded and released as a single in Europe in 2006. “They put it on an actual vinyl record and it had a picture of me and everything. I guess people just fell in love with it because it’s still a huge hit to this day,” says the tattooed, baby-faced 24-year-old.

       A born entertainer, Fernandes is a true double threat, combining a background in dance with a smooth voice to create irresistibly catchy hits. But it didn’t start out that way. When his mom enrolled him in dance classes at six years old, Danny was “just a regular kid who wanted to play hockey.” Fernandes endured his fair share of ribbing from kids at school. Good thing his brother, R&B mainstay Shawn Desman, was a source of inspiration. “He’s a big influence. Watching him do this my whole life has been amazing. I idolize him. He’s such a talented artist.”

       Danny’s dedication paid off. Before long, he was crisscrossing the globe as a backup dancer for the likes of Aaron Carter, Blackstreet and Deborah Cox. The itch to move to the forefront of the stage, however, was his cue to start laying down tracks with a friend.

       Everything was progressing at a natural rate when Danny discovered that he had a hit single in Europe. Last year the song was re-recorded with New York hip hop sensation Juelz Santana, giving the smash “Curious” even more street cred. “He’s the coolest guy you’ll ever meet,” says Danny of Santana. “He’s very down to earth, proper and polite.”

       Currently, Danny is on the cusp of an August 19 release of his debut album, aptly titled Intro. His second single, “Private Dancer,” is so slick and memorable there’s little doubt that clubs nationwide will soon be blaring the song into the wee hours of the morning. Until then, Danny is excitedly prepping for a Canadian and European tour. “Touring is amazing. Being able to see the world and do what you love to do, and share your music with people in other countries, is the best
experience in the world,” he enthuses.

       Life on the road requires a lot of discipline, and to prepare he’s getting fit, eating right and working on his vocals. “I’m working hard every day. It’s music from when I wake up to the time I go to sleep.” He’s also doing his fair share of daydreaming about a joint tour with his brother, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. Says Fernandes: “There would be a whole lot of girls at that show!”