VG Exclusive: I’m With The Band

and ALY MICHALKA make like high school rocker chicks in the battle of the bands inspired summer-flick  BANDSLAM.

Vanessa, as the quirky outsider and introverted Sa5m ("The 5 is silent") and Aly as "It" girl Charolette.

But for the scoop on their off-screen school days, Vervegirl chatted with the starlets…and of course, asked about Zac (Shameless, we know).

VERVEGIRL: School and Hollywood are full of gossip. What’s your advice on dealing with a hurtful rumour?
VANESSA HUDGENS: If anything I try to avoid it. It’s really interesting that people take the time and effort to make things up to feel better about themselves. If you find out someone is spreading rumours about you, just laugh it off. You can’t control it.
ALY MICHALKA: Keep your head up and take it with a grain of salt. Don’t get too wrapped up in what people think. Live your life and be a good person. Eventually, that karma will come back and hopefully it’s a good thing.

VG: What were you like in school?
AM: I was the friend-to-everybody, not just one group. I was extremely social and I had a lot of guy friends who I would hangout and be tomboyish with. I could definitely get into dirt and not be a wuss.

VG: How have you avoided a crazy lifestyle with the peer pressure in L.A.?
VH: I’m not about being seen and going out at night. I’d rather just relax. I’m more of a home body.

VG: In Bandslam you say “Always do the thing that scares you.” What freaks you out?
AM: Putting yourself out there too much. I’m so open to people, which can be a bad thing because they can take advantage of you. They take my kindness and sincerity as naivety and weakness. Once in a while, I question if I need to be more guarded. At the same time, it’s who I am and the reason why I love being around people. I love entertaining, so I have to take a chance.

VG: What little things make you smile?
VH: Music, chocolate, and my family and friends.

VG: Did you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

AM: When I was 13 I had braces, was skinny and tall and felt so awkward. I didn’t feel cool. You just have to be confident. We all have been given unique personality traits and different looks that we have to embrace. We have to be proud of our individualism.

VG: What’s Zac really like?
VH: He is like how you’d think he is. He’s just genuinely a nice guy.

VG: You know you’re in love when…
VH: Oh god (laughs)…what else do you have…

VG: Who are you currently crushing on?
AM: I have a constant crush – Johnny Depp.

VG: Advice to prepare girls for the new school year?
AM: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take anybody for granted that’s your close friend; it’s really hard to find good friends you can trust. Try not to freak out about rumours people might spread about you. At the end of the day, in five years, or when you’re in college, you won’t think about that moment and it’s a waste to dwell on it for too long.