Vervegirl’s JLS Contest Winner Tells All!

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Vervegirl and Sony Music Canada gave Vervegirls the chance to win a Meet & Greet with JLS and go to the Z103.5 Summer Rush Concert on August 8th.  Amna worked tirelessly to get the highest number of votes and she had the opportunity to meet JLS in person! 

Amna sent us her story about meeting JLS and we want to share it with you!

This year’s summer rush was definitely one of those days I’ll never forget! 

The day started off with a bunch of us heading out for wonderland early in the morning, thinking maybe we can catch some rides before waiting in line for the concert. Though as soon as we got there, there were already hundreds of people in line! So there we were, with no other choice but to get in the line as well.  After a good 5 hours, waiting in a long boring, and rainy line, we had finally entered the theatre! Now things seemed exciting.

After about one hour, one of the Z103.5 announcers had announced the act I have been waiting for all morning! They are UK’s number one boy band, and are slowly taking North America by storm, they are JLS! This was their first performance in Canada in front of a massive audience, and I must say it was a remarkable performance! They started off by singing “Everybody in Love”, many people knew the lyrics to it, and the best moment was when everyone put up their hands and started singing along!

Next they performed their latest single “ The Club is Alive”, followed by the cover of “ Beautiful Girls/ Stand By Me”. They ended their performance with an exclusive song “Hey Mamma”. Now after seeing such a great performance it was time for me to meet the boys! Minutes later, I went backstage to see them, we were told to wait outside until they came out. The nervousness,  and excitement in me was building up!

In a few minutes one of the members, Marvin came out and gave me a big hug and asked how I have been! Fortuitously he had remembered who I was! I had met them a couple months back at the Much Music awards , told them about the JLSCanada twitter page, and how I’ve been following them since  Xfactor! Continuously the other 3 members Aston, JB, and Oritsé the three of them also remembered me! It was just an amazing feeling to see your favourite band remember who you are! Later I gave them a gift that I had brought for them – a scrapbook that I had made them! The scrapbook had pictures of the boys from before they were on the X factor all the way up till now! We were looking through the book, and were having a few laughs. Then it was picture time! We took a few pictures, and got a couple of autographs. Shortly after we were just talking, I asked them about where they are heading next, and what rides they have been on! Sadly, after an astonishing 15 minutes it was time for the good byes! :( . I went to all of them and gave them a big hug, and told them to come back soon! They said not to worry because they will come back! Then minutes later we had to leave the boys. (  On the whole, that day was one of the best days in my life! It was such a memorable moment, as not many people have this chance to meet their favourite artist!

Lastly, I would like to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU, to Vervegirl, and Sony Music. You guys have been great! Also to everyone who had voted for me!

Thank you so much for making one of my dreams comes true!

From JLS’ biggest fan in Canada!

–    Amna

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