Vas Happenin? Click the heart if you love the sexy Bradford Bad Boi! ;)

Hey guys, please click the heart and help me to win the notebook! I love 1D so much and they have taken over my life but in a good way of course! Winning this notebook would mean so much to me as I’ve never won anything 1D related before, whether its a contest to win 1D merch, or a contest to meet them, I’ve never been followed by any of them either! I love all of 1D ofcourse, but I always felt that I could personally relate to Zayn the most. His personality of being the quiet and shy one, and also his mixed race ethnicity, helped me to realize that even though I myself am quiet and shy and just because my skin colour is different doesn’t mean that there’s something I can’t do. If Zayn could become a part of one of the most successful boybands in the world, then what should stop me from following my dreams? Zayn has taught me so much and that’s why winning this notebook would mean so much to me. If you actually stayed to read all of this, I thank you, and once again ask you to please help me to win something that would mean a lot, by please, please clicking the heart. I mean look at him, how could you not love that sexy Bradford Bad Boi? 😉