VAS HAPPENIN CANADA! Let Me Formally Introduce You To The Guy Who Stole My Heart!! … MR. ZAYN MALIK! PLEASE LIKE THIS PHOTO IF YOU LOVE ZAYN TOO! <3 <3

Hello Everyone,

Here’s Zayn! My favourite member of 1D :) He is just simply amazing.

I’ve been following the boys since their days on the x factor! & I can proudly say I’m a huge Directioner! Their music is awesome, their personalites are the sweetest and I love watching all of their latest interviews. I just love how open and honest they are … you can tell they truly care about their fans!

If your a huge fun of 1 Direction and if you love Zayn as much as I do please vote for me! It would honestly be a dream come true to win! <3 <3 <3 Thanks!