Unique First Date Ideas!


By Katherine Wong Too Yen

Forget the usual dinner and a movie and get inspired by Vervegirl’s Top 5 Unique First Date Ideas

Let’s face it; a first date can get pretty stressful. You’ll want to pick a place that won’t cost a fortune and will let you share some laughs and get to know your new friend. Show off your fun side by trying out one of these great first date ideas and you’ll be hitting it off in no time!

1. Picnic by the lake
There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the water and enjoying the good weather. Before you go, decide on something that each of you can bring and share a light meal with some easy conversation.

2. Breakfast

If neither of you are early risers, how about having brunch or breakfast for dinner as an interesting first date idea? Everyone loves French toast with maple syrup or fresh fruit, so it’s hard to go wrong with this one!

3. Laser tag
Show off your competitive side by playing some laser tag. Work as a team or play against each other—there’s no doubt you’ll have something to talk about at the end of this date!

4. Apple picking
Enjoying the fresh air and biting into a crisp apple sure beats sitting in a movie theatre and smelling stale popcorn. If apples aren’t your thing, try pumpkin picking or strawberry picking—whatever’s in season.

5. Bowling
Everyone looks dorky in bowling shoes. But you’ll be having too much fun at the bowling alley to notice! After a round or two if it looks like your first date is going well, why not hit up the arcade?
Vervegirl’s first date ideas will let you both share an interesting and fun experience. Now all you need is a cute outfit and you’re all set!