Turn the Tables on Rejection

by Jackie Middleton

Lend a Helping Hand: There are many charities and organizations desperately in need of assistance. One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences can be found at your local animal shelter. The dogs and cats waiting for adoption need plenty of attention. Take them on walks, or spend quality time cuddling and petting them. These pets don’t demand anything in exchange and just want to be loved. You’ll feel great being their friend when they need one the most.

Play Date with Your Sibs: When you’re the older sibling, having a younger brother or sister trailing after you can be annoying and embarrassing, right? Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. They actually look up to you! They only want to hang out with their cooler, elder sibling. What’s so bad about that? Make yourself worthy of their adoration. Plan a day out for just the two of you. Take them to a movie, indulge in a gossipy lunch, or show them your favourite shops. You’ll get to see your sib in a whole new light and improve your relationship in the process. You might even discover that you actually like them! You may gain a family member who is also a friend!

Extend the Invite: Got a new girl at your school, or workplace? Don’t let her feel like an outsider. Invite her into your clique or out for lunch. Joining a new school or company is always stressful and somewhat scary. Reach out, show them the ropes, and make a new friend feel welcome. She’ll be ever so thankful.

Reaching out is a wonderful way to feel included and important. It’s difficult to remain upset about your own situation when you’re making a difference to someone in need. Everyone wants to belong. Be inclusive to others and the joy of being appreciated will be reflected back to you.

Note from the Online Editor, Kim Cooper:
Jackie Middleton is a freelance writer for Vervegirl.com. Jackie’s unhealthy addiction to pop culture only rivals her love of chocolate. Check out her blog at www.losethatgirl.com