Top Reasons to Take a Survey

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Top 10 Reasons to Take a Survey

By Kim Cooper

Spare time is hard to come by these days.  So why should you spend your precious time doing something like taking a survey?  

Here’s the top 10 reasons why you may want to consider spending your time taking a survey.

1.    CASH, CASH, CASH!  Some companies pay cold hard cash for simply taking a survey.  It may take an hour of a time but if they’re offering up a flat fitty for your time, why not?

2.    REWARDS!  It may not be a cash reward for taking a survey but you may be compensated with gift cards or other substantial items.  Don’t necessarily expect a brand new convertible as your reward but you may just end up with enough value on a gift card to treat yourself to something special at your local T-Ho’s.

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