To Infinity and Beyond Daddy Direction

One thing I really want Liam to know is that, when he feels like everyone in the world is gone. Like everyone just left him. I want him to know. We. Are. Here. Liam, no matter how many people ever put you down you have to remember that there will always be us directioners here supporting you. No matter what.

Liam is so dedicated to his fans. He WOULD go to infinity and beyond to try and make each and everyone of of his fans feel like the most special girl (or boy) in the whole world. Of course, this lad if very very dashing…if you know what i mean 😉 As a child, Liam was bullied, but his strong will made him try out for the X Factor. His AMAMAAAAAAAZZING ANGLEIC voice brought him to where he is today with ONE DIRECTION. I love this boy with all my heart and soul, and just want Liam to feel as special as the other boys, and to let him know he IS amazing. Sometimes, Liam can be less appreciated for being Daddy Direction, but we should all know, Liam is AMAZING. He is. Never forget so. x Also, him and Peazer. UHM THEY NEED TO GET MARRIED ALREADY OKAY. 1 2 3 FLICK.

p.s. i know what year it is in a picture becuz of liams hair. HAAAAA. ha jk i always know. HA.