‘Tis The Season to Make It Pop

By Angela McLean

If you are looking for ways to make your Christmas pop, consider adding some EDM-infused pop beats, colourful costumes and hip dance moves to the mix. This combination forms the basis of the new hit musical comedy series MAKE IT POP which follows four music-loving friends – Sun-Hi (Megan Lee), Corki (Erika Tham), Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and Caleb (Dale Whibley) – who form a K-pop-inspired band while attending classes at Mackendrick Prep School. The show is co-created and executive produced by Nick Cannon. If that’s not incredible enough, what makes MAKE IT POP so unique is that the band on the show, XO-IQ, also performs together in real life!

'All The Love'XO-IQ has delivered a special Christmas treat for their fans who have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of season two – a special MAKE IT POP Christmas episode! In the special, Sun-Hi, Corki, Jodi and Caleb look forward to the freedom and excitement that comes with their winter break. However, a massive blizzard rolls in and threatens to put a stop to all of their fun plans. Will the mysterious new boy, Linc, be able to save them and help them find the true meaning of the holidays? You will have to tune in and see!

XO-IQ still has more to give to their fans. Their holiday EP, ‘All The Love,’ which came out November 20, features a trio of covers and original holiday songs. Next up is the release of their sophomore album ‘Tomorrow Is Ours,’ which is out December 18 and features music from season two of MAKE IT POP.

Vervegirl went on set and caught up with Dale Whibley (Caleb) and Nick Cannon, who was in town to surprise the cast, to chat about season two, making dreams come true and the best Christmas carols.

Vervegirl: How would you describe MAKE IT POP to someone who has never seen an episode?

Dale: It’s a show about these four kids who really just want to make their dreams come true. They all come from different worlds and they really have the same goal and that’s to make this band a success.

Caleb (Dale Whibley) in MAKE IT POPVG: Dale, tell us about your character Caleb and what’s new with him in season two!

Dale: Caleb Davis is a crazy, outgoing DJ who makes the music for the group XO-IQ. He went through some awkward troubles last year getting along with the girls and talking to other people in general but this year he’s coming out of his shell. He goes through some troubles with Jodi which are a little crazy but they bring him out of his comfort zone. You get to see the real Caleb and see what he’s really turning into.

VG: What are you looking forward to sharing with the fans in season two?

Dale: A lot more music. The difference between season one and season two is that it has evolved into something bigger. Club Ri Ry is even bigger, the wardrobe is flashier and the music has evolved more. It’s all a step up.

VG: If you could have any K-pop artist guest star on season two, who would you choose and why?

Dale: G-Dragon because he’s sick.

VG: Fans have a lot to look forward to in addition to the arrival of season two in January, including an awesome Christmas special this month! What can fans expect from that?

Dale: The Christmas episode is not necessarily your typical feel-good Christmas special, but it’s your Christmas special with a MAKE IT POP twist. It’s not necessarily Christmas; it’s the holidays. We capture every aspect. We’ve got Jodi who we find out is from another religion, and we have everything coming together as one. It’s really just a feel-good, happy, fun thing.

Nick: There’s some really cool Christmas music.

VG: On top of the Christmas special, XO-IQ just released a holiday EP, ‘All The Love.’ What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

Nick: “Jingle Bells”!

Dale: “Deck the Halls” is always a good one. “Jingle Bells” is a good one too.

Dale Whibley and Nick Cannon on set of MAKE IT POPVG: The music in season two is bigger and better than ever before and it will all be featured on XO-IQ’s new album, ‘Tomorrow Is Ours.’ Which song is your favourite?

Dale: That’s a hard one. I love our Christmas stuff! “Jing, Jing, Jingle,” which actually came out on our holiday EP, is one of my favourite songs from season two by far.

VG: How do you think MAKE IT POP makes it pop?

Dale: I think it really brings everything that you need to see on TV that you haven’t seen on TV before into one show, season after season and episode after episode. Everybody has someone that they can look up to and follow and watch and it’s just great to see.

Thank you Dale and Nick! You can get XO-IQ’s holiday EP, ‘All The Love,’ on iTunes now. Also, look out for ‘Tomorrow Is Ours,’ the new album by XO-IQ, available Friday, December 18.

Don’t miss the MAKE IT POP Christmas special on Nickelodeon (U.S.) tonight – December 5 – at 9 p.m. ET and on YTV (Canada) Thursday, December 17 at 7 p.m. ET.

Stay tuned for more of Vervegirl’s exclusive interview with Nick Cannon on set of MAKE IT POP!