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by Kim Cooper

Tianda Flegel was the winner of YTV’s second season of the hit TV show, The Next Star. Since winning the competition, Tianda has been busy writing, recording and being a typical teenager!

Vervegirl caught up with Tianda in Toronto to talk about fashion, music and her life since wining The Next Star.

VG: How has your life changed since winning Season 2 of The Next Star?
TF: I guess the biggest change for me has been my work ethic. I’ve been working a lot harder, writing & recording a lot more, and I’ve been a lot more dedicated to my music. Also, I’ve never had fans before, so that’s really cool and also really new to me.

VG: What personal strengths helped you win the competition?  
TF: I think the trait that helped me a lot was perserverence. In life, it’s important to keep going even if something gets tough or you get a little discouraged. When there are six other kids competing towards the same goal, or when you get a song you struggle with a little bit, it’s easy to give up, but I made an effort to give everything my all and it really paid off.

VG: Are you still just a typical 16 year old teenager, despite your stardom?
TF: Absolutely, one hundred percent, yes. I’m a total geek sometimes, actually. But yeah, I still go to school, I still clean my own room, I still do house chores, etc. The one thing that has changed though is the fact that I absolutely hate leaving the house without doing my hair and makeup- I’m always afraid somebody will ask to take a picture or something and it will haunt me forever. Haha.

VG:Tell us about your second single Run for Cover, what’s it all about?
TF: My second single is really upbeat, but it still has a cool acoustic vibe to it which I love. It’s a love song- it’s kind of about two people liking each other since they were young kids, and them wanting to ‘run away’ in a sense, because they’re afraid they’re going to grow up and things are going to change.

VG: How else do you express your creativity?  Do you feel it’s important for youth to do this?
TF: I like to write a lot. Not just songs, but stories and journals too. I also paint and draw. I’ve been trying to convince my parents to let me paint some sort of epic mural on one of my bedroom walls. I think it’s super important for youth to express themselves- it’s not healthy to bottle up emotions, and it’s also a good way to take negative emotions and turn them into something positive- like a song or a picture, etc.  

VG: What’s your fashion style?  Do you have any favourite brands?  
TF: My style definitely varies from day to day. Sometimes I wear band t shirts and converse, and sometimes I wear skirts and cowboy boots. It depends on my mood. I make an effort to always look unique, though. I think that’s important. I’m not too picky with brands unless it comes to jeans. I find most jeans don’t fit me unless they’re name brand, so for jeans I’m definitely a GUESS and Parasuco girl. But other then that, I’m a fan of super sales. Haha.

VG: Do you have any inspiring words for young girls who would like to pursue a career in the music industry?
TF: I think the most important thing to remember is to believe in yourself. I know it sounds cliche, but you can’t expect anybody else in the industry to believe in what you’re trying to do if you don’t even believe in it yourself. Being optimistic helps a lot, too. It’s important that you’re confident.

VG: Can’t live without item?
TF: Definitely a hair brush, I’m obsessed with combing my hair.

VG: Favourite song?
TF: Collide – Howie Day
VG: Summer past-time?
TF: Bonfires
VG: Favourite colour of lipstick?
VG: Snackfood you love?

TF: Soup in a cup. Cannot live without it. Haha.
VG: Irresistible Young Actor?
TF: Since it would be weird to say Sylvester Stallone, I’m gonna go with Adam Brody. I’m a HUGE Rocky Balboa fan, though. Stallone is my hero. =P
VG: Favourite movie?
TF: The Rocky series & Rambo series are my favorite movies of all time. If we’re talking new movies, though, "I’m Reed Fish" is a cute love story that I really enjoy.

Check out Tianda Flegel’s music video Liar Liar.

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May 22nd – Vancouver

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