Many people love animals, we all know that, right? But how many of those people would actually do something for a dog that was beaten, for a small kitten dumped on the side of the road? Not as many as you think I bet. The SPCA lives to help these poor little animals, whether they are just lost and haven’t been found or have been purposely kicked out of their homes. I have volunteered at the SPCA for a couple years now since I have always loved animals. I have seen many horrible things, as well as many beautiful things. One month last year, we had over 20 dogs, mainly huskies and malamutes, come in from a puppy mill. It was terrible to see these poor dogs in such terrible shape, but after a while of loving care, training and good food, they made it through and now have loving homes. You can help these animals easily, just send in a donation to your local SPCA. Those donations go towards food, beds, cleaning supplies and other items needed for the care of these animals. With your help, that little kitten dumped on the side of the road, or the dog who was beaten, can heal and finally live the life they deserve.