Taking a Call with Kimora Lee Simmons

Taking a Call with Kimora Lee Simmons - Vervegirl.com

By Anja Ellam

Vervegirl had a chance to interview with the fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons! Here’s what she all had to say!

VERVEGIRL: How do you manage running a business and still looking good all the time?
KIMORA LEE SIMMONS: I have a team to help me! Lots of help and prioritizing, get help where you can. No one can do it all on their own.

VG: Did your kids like being a part of the show?
KLS: The show is about work not drama and my kids are sometimes apart of my job when they come to fashions shows and things. It’s completely their choice to be on the show, I don’t have cameras all over my house but sometimes they do see me out getting ice cream with my kids. They are apart of my business they want to be models and designers when they’re older.

VG: How did you get started?
KLS: At 11 I started doing local modeling until i was discovered by Chanel and move to Paris. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now but you can’t always be a model so i turned my experience into a business.

VG: What would some good fashion tips for girls be or any tips for girls that want to get into the same industry as you?
KLS: It’s all about self-esteem and inner-beauty! Embrace trends but don’t let them take you over. Always follow your passion. I’ve been in this industry for along time and never gone threw a scandal so deal with yourself with integrity because everything goes with you. Always have self-love and respect! even if you’re called a Diva as long as you carry yourself with respect thats okay!

VG: What’s next in your career?
KLS: I turned my passion for fashion into a lifestyle, everything is about expanding and developing the fashion industry. I’m currently working on a skin care line that focusses on aging lines for asians which comes out at the end of summer.

VG: What do you love about fall fashion?
KLS: For fall, I love the classic fall trenches, deep bronzes and browns, and fall boots and layers!

VG: Do you prefer modeling or what you are doing now?
KLS: I always loved fashion, I never loved one more then the other. When I was a model I got to see everything come to life, fashion was always what I loved.

“Tell everyone to be fabulous! And thanks for all the support!” â€”Kimora Lee Simmons


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