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Louise talks about Free The Children's Take Action Academy at Vervegirl.com

Me to We’s Take Action Academy, is a week-long, social justice-themed experience designed to give young people the leadership skills, confidence and peer support to improve themselves and their local and global communities.
Varying in age from nine to 21, participants come from across the globe and spend their Academy week learning leadership skills, exploring pressing global issues, volunteering in the local community and taking their place within a worldwide social movement of globally-conscious young people. They also build incredible friendships to last a lifetime.

Vervegirl chatted with 15 year old Louise H. who attended the Take Action Academy.

VG: What did you do at Take Action Academy?
LH: Well, most importantly, I learned about working in a group with people I didn’t know well, organizing events, living responsibly, and having fun while doing it all! We had a speaker everyday to talk to us about issues we are facing today as a global community, or as a local one. We also had lots of time to play bonding games and discuss issues and leadership tactics and roles. The second evening was the un-talent show, with was hilarious and a lot of fun to be a part of. The third day was volunteering either at a free summer camp for kids with lower income families and the other was clearing invasive plant species at a park. The forth day was hosting a BBQ for the people from the Semiahmoo House and we planned the whole thing starting from the second day. The last day was a mock World Council with everyone in roles of world leaders that have changed the world. The last day was really bittersweet because everyone was happy that they met each other, but everyone had to leave! There were lots of hugs and tears, but lots of Facebook exchanging too!

VG: What was your most interesting experience at the Academy?
LH: I actually have two favourite moments. My most interesting experience was the Un-talent show. That was when I really got closer to my new friends. We put on a fashion show with all these outrageous clothing combinations and make-up that made us look like masquerading butterflies. We also had a guy in our fashion show and he wore a blond wig and a bikini. I really went out of my comfort zone to dress-up and do silly things in front of so many people, but in the end, it was something I always look back on with laughter and pride. On the other hand, my favourite moment was when all of the older participants (Power of One or aka: POO) in the Take Action Academy went to the beach and shared the poems we wrote ourselves. We all sang Seasons of Love together as the red sun, sunk below the glittering waves. It was a cheesy sounding moment, but I wouldn’t have wrapped up the last night any other way.

VG:  Why is it important for youth to attend?
LH: First of all, I think it’s important for youth to know that there are people out there all over the place that care for the world too. There was such a huge spectrum of interests and ideas in that camp, but everyone was willing to be open-hearted and everyone found someone that shared something with them. Also, the facilitators are young people that you can connect too and just be friends with. They all sparkle with confidence and wisdom and I’m sure a lot of it influenced me greatly! I also found that I learned how to work with a huge group of people and make an event happen even through last minute changes or dilemmas. Lastly, I learned about issues at a deeper level. I was a little sick of attending workshop after workshop about how to plan and run and event, but how was I supposed to help if I didn’t understand? So I really took a lot back to my own life from it!
For more information visit: http://www.metowe.com/leadership/take-action-academy/ or call or email at: 1-877-METOWE1 academy@metowe.com