Superstar Journalist and Role Model – Part 2

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Melissa Grelo CP24
by Kim Cooper

Melissa Grelo never seems to skip a beat in the make-up and fashion department. Before she goes on camera, a stylist does her hair and make-up every morning before the crack of dawn, but Melissa is skilled in doing her own make-up as well.  But what about her thoughts on fashion?

VG:  What’s your fashion style?

MG:  I was born and raised on a horse farm so fashion was not a part of my vernacular growing up!  In highschool we had uniforms so I didn’t worry about fashion much at school.  And even though I grew up on a horse farm, I still got together with a lot of my cousins who lived in the city, and that’s how I learned about mass culture and trends.  I didn’t have television so when I started to watch TV on weekends with my cousins, I was fascinated and that’s how I learned about fashion trends. But I feel like there’s a world of fashion out there that’s just not me, but I think of it like I get to play dress up every day!  I have a wonderful clothing sponsor and a network of fashion connections but I don’t ever feel like I’m a slave to fashion, I definitely appreciate fashion but it’s not my identity.  As soon as I’m out of work mode, I go home in sweats and my ball cap! 

Melissa and I chatted about everything from her career to her personal style. Here are some of my favourite Melissa Grelo quotes from the interview:

"As they say, there’s no such thing as luck and if you do think it’s luck, it’s preparation meeting opportunity."
"I see people in the industry and their heads get really big and they become anti-social with a too good for you attitude.  There’s nothing I despise more.  It’s a trait that I try so hard to stay away from because it’s opposite of who I am."
"I think when you’re born and raised shovelling horse doodad that there’s some humility and realism there."
"You have to remember that you’re never a solo act, there were people who helped you get there and there’s a team supporting you now." 

So what’s next for Melissa?  Only time will tell.  Personally, I would love to hunker down with a weekday MG Talk Show!  In any case, we hope to see lots of more of Melissa in future. 

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Photo credit: DSG Photography
Melissa Grelo on YOUR VOTE: The Race For Mayor, Debate 1, May 18, 2010