Stealin’ Hearts with Michael

Michael PillarellaBy Vanessa Dullabh

How does a young guy go from college boy to starring in a film with Canada’s Rick Campanelli? New actor Michael Pillarella tells us how he broke onto the Canadian film scene through TIFF. Michael starred in “Stealin’ Home” and has moved onto his next project about tainted love in “Brain Freeze.”

We caught up with Michael to learn a little more about him and his projects.

VERVEGIRL: How did you score a lead in role in a short film?
MICHAEL PILLARELLA: It was a lot of hard work and following my passion. It isn’t easy to get onto the scene, but I took place in a lot of short films for students and friends and luckily I was able to land the role of a “greaser” in “Stealin’ Home.” 

VG: Why did you choose acting?
MP: Originally, I was headed to the police force, I appreciate protecting the community, but I also share a passion for the arts. It sounds a little cheesy, but I’ve wanted to act since I was a kid. Throughout my high school career, I took Drama and ultimately acting makes me happy. I’ve been able to do films, narrate and be in music videos.

VG: What is it like working with Rick Campanelli? 
MP: Rick is great! His role in our upcoming film “Brain Freeze” is my best friend/voice of reason. There are a lot of funny parts as he tries to convince my character to stay out of an extremely messy situation with the hot cougar next-door

VG: If you could die and come back as one actor, who would it be?
MP: Leonardo DiCaprio. He has an amazing career and really does well in his roles, and to top it off he is an activist for his passion. It is very inspiring and I hope to have a career like his.

VG: What is the best thing about having your film being screened?
MP: It is completely amazing to see everyone’s hard work coming to life, from the writers to the actors. “Stealin’ Home” was screened in both LA and France, so it is quite an accomplishment. It is great to see original ideas coming to life during the film festivals and receiving positive feedback on your work as well.


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