Standing Out From The Crowd: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato talks to Vervegirl

by Kim Cooper

Demi Lovato gives Vervegirl the inside scoop on standing out from the crowd, working with the Jonas Brothers and her experience being an in-game vocal coach for Disney Sing It: Party Hits.

VG: What makes someone’s vocal skills stand out from the crowd?
DL: I think confidence in what you’re singing goes a long way. Having great range never hurts either!

VG: For all of the aspiring singers out there, what’s your best advice?
DL: Keep going after your dream and don’t take yourself too seriously – it’s supposed to be fun!

VG: What are your tips for getting over stage-fright?
DL: I’ve always loved performing and never really had a problem with stage fright. You have to be confident with who you are.

VG: What are your 3 tips on being a better performer?
DL: Practice as much as you can, never give up and believe in yourself!

VG: You have worked intensively with the Jonas Brothers, what is it like making music and harmonizing with them?
DL: They are really talented. We always have a good time writing/recording and have fun bouncing ideas off of each other.

Disney Sing It Party Hits

VG: Tell us about your experience being an in-game vocal coach for Disney Sing It: Party Hits?
DL: It was really fun! I had a great time in the studio recording and hope that everyone is enjoying the game!

VG: What two songs on Disney Sing It: Party Hits are your favourite?
DL: I love the Kelly Clarkson and Paramore songs!

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