Spring fashion He is going to love

Trend #1 – Lingerie as outerwear

This one’s a given. Lingerie is feminine, frilly and often sheer, which, even when paired with solids underneath, make for a beautiful silhouette. The 20’s are going to be big this spring and that means lots of sheer materials (think silk and satin) in baby soft blush pinks and creams.

Designers embracing this trend:

  • Marchesa
  • Ralph Lauren



Trend #2 – Sporty/athletic wear

This one treats both the sexes well; you get comfort, he gets to check out your legs in a sporty inspired mini. It’s easy to wear, casual in attitude but still speaks to your personality. Guys will dig this laid back attitude towards fashion, as it’s just uncomplicated.

Designers embracing this trend:

  • Marc Jacobs
  • Victoria Beckham

Trend #3 – Mid section baring

This one’s another given. Bare midriffs are making a comeback after their long standing display in the mid-late 90’s and guys will be more than happy to take a peek at your abs. It’s also a part of the body that is provocative in a different way than your bust or derrière. Also, a great way to also show off all your hard work in the gym.

Designers embracing this trend

  • Emilio Pucci
  • Acne


Trend #4 – Pastels

Green, pink, purple, blue, yellow =’s uber girly shades when done in pastel. These colours are going to do two things: soften up your look and help you channel being a girly girl. Even if you happen to be sporting a loose fitting t-shirt or cross-body bag, these sorbet hues are very feminine and he’ll be able to spot that right away.

Designers embracing this trend:

  • Gap
  • Calvin Klein