Spice Up Your Life

by Jackie Middleton

Ah, summer! We wait so long for its return, having endured weary months of bulky coats, clunky boots and freezing temperatures. Now is the time shake off all of the wintery restraints and spice up your life once again! The weather is gorgeous, everyone is in a chipper mood and it feels like almost anything is possible.

Here are some tips on how to crawl out of that hibernation rut and get more out of your life this summer.


Learn a romantic language
Stuck at home over the summer? Why not pretend that you’re in a far off exotic land and sign up to learn a romantic language such as Italian, French or Spanish? One day you’ll travel to that far-flung destination and it would be so sweet to be able to converse just like the locals. In the meantime, impress your friends!

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Get crafty
Summer’s a great time to try out hobbies that you’ve never had the chance to explore. Knitting (yes, knitting!) has made a comeback – it’s no longer just for grandmas! Actresses Dakota Fanning and Cameron Diaz have been bitten by the knitting bug so you’ll be in good company. If that’s not up your alley, indulge in sketching, drawing or painting. Exercising your creative juices is a great way to relax and express yourself. You could even try to sell your pieces on Etsy or Ebay. It’s worth a shot and you may end up with extra pocket money.

volunteer teen

Lend a hand
Volunteering for a cause that’s important to you is one way to make your summer really count. There are so many charities and organizations that would really appreciate your help, and the best part – you’ll feel good donating your time and energy. It’s the greatest buzz and a fantastic confidence booster. Plus, it looks impressive on your resume. 

Tennis Girl

Try out a new sport
After being locked up indoors hiding from winter, heading outside into the sun and the fresh air is just what your mind, body and spirit all need. If you’ve never dabbled in tennis, swimming or even rollerblading, these warm months provide the perfect window of opportunity. Invite your friends along, and make it a social event. 


Swap shop
It’s easy to accumulate books, CDs, DVDs and clothes that we no longer use or want. Call on your friends to bring their unwanted stuff to your place for an afternoon to gossip and swap. What better way to score a treasure trove of new goods without spending a cent. In the grand scheme of things you’re helping the environment by recycling items that might otherwise end up in the garbage. One person’s trash is another’s gem!

The summer season is short, but ever so sweet. Whatever you plan to do this summer to spice up your life, have a safe and enjoyable time!

Note from the Online Editor, Kim Cooper:
Jackie Middleton is a freelance writer for Vervegirl.com. Jackie’s unhealthy addiction to pop culture only rivals her love of chocolate. Check out her blog at  www.losethatgirl.com