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Miranda’s debut album Sparks Fly has already made its way onto the Billboard charts. Vervegirl Online Editor Kim Cooper chatted with Miranda about Sparks Fly.
VG: Sparks Fly is out!  How are the fans liking it?
MC:  On Twitter,  I’m always getting messages from fans about their favourite songs on the album! They really seem to like it.

VG: What are the fan favourites?
MC: A lot of people like Bam and Kissin’ U.

VG: What’s your favourite song on the album?
MC: I like Disgusting because it’s more like a party song. I want people to play the CD and have a good time!

VG: What lead you to record an album?

MC: I took singing lessons when I was 3, then started playing guitar when I was 8. I got really into it and decided to write my own songs. When I was on the show Drake & Josh, I was always playing guitar and singing with Drake.  Dan Schneider [the creator of Drake & Josh and iCarly] suggested that I sing the theme song for iCarly.

VG: Tell us a bit about the fashion and style of the album cover?

MC: I really didn’t want it to be like iCarly, I wanted it to be more like me. I wear braids in my hair a lot, so my hair stylist said that we should do braids but bigger and better! As far as style I wanted it to be a little more edgier, rockish and fun.

VG: What’s your favourite piece of clothing on a casual day?

MC: I try to be comfortable. I like jeans that have style and an edge but are still comfortable.  I  like tights under jeans with holes. I always wear leather jackets and bright coloured shirts. I usually wear tennis shoes but sometimes I find cute heels that are comfortable.

VG: Favourite makeup brands?

MC: Chanel makeup; blushes and lip glosses.  I love Lip Smackers!  Strawberry is my favourite.

VG: Craziest fan experience?
MC: I had one that was really crazy. I was at a Drake Bell concert when I was 13, and there was a little boy around 8 or 9 and he came over to me and he was telling me he likes Drake & Josh and after he walked away he ran back and kissed me on the lips! It’s one of those things you’ll never forget.

VG: Can’t live without gadget?
MC: My iPhone. I take it everywhere with me. I want the iPad really bad. It’s so cool.

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Miranda Cosgrove at
Image courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc

Interview transcribed by Kristin Alger.