So You Think You Can Dance Canada Finale!

Vervegirl’s fabulous intern, Tatyana Singh had the chance to interview the So You Think You Can Dance Canada crew on the day of the finale!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada
Image courtesy of CTV

Interview with SYTYCDC 2010 winner Denys Drozdyuk

VERVEGIRL: How are you feeling?  What is going through your head right now?
DENYS DROZDYUK:  It hasn’t sunk into my head yet, but I feel really greatful for everything and everyone who especially loved my dances . Dancers never really have the experience of being rewarded because you’re always working,  so this experience is really new, and I’m not used to that.

VG: What are your plans after this? Do you plan on doing anything like taking time off? Or are you just going to go straight into working with choreographers?
DD:  Straight back to dancing.

VG: You won 100,000 dollars!  What do you plan on doing with that?

DD: – Go out for dinner with some friends, and buy some shoes! No really,  I have to pay off my loans, because I lived in New York City [Julliard].

VG:  Is there anything you wanted to say to the Vervegirls or anyone out there who want to pursue dance or fight for their dream?
DD: Well I don’t think it matters what you do, but anything that you choose, you have to do it with drive and passion.  You have to be satisfied and fulfilled because if you don’t you’re just wasting life.

Blake McGrath
Image courtesy of CTV.

Interview with Blake McGrath

Vervegirl:  How did you feel about the win tonight?
BLAKE MCGRATH:  Well, I kind of called it from the beginning. I really was rooting for him until the end. It was really cool to see him win, he worked so hard.  He’s a professional, he’s amazing on stage every time he dances, so I kind of predicted it.  

VG:  Is there anything you can say about his personality? Anything about how he vibes and moves on the stage?
BM: It’s just his passion. He really connects with you through that.  He’s always feeling something, he’s never just dancing, its always more than that, so that is something I connect with.

VG: Is there anything you can say to the Vervegirls or Verveguys out there about following your dreams and passions in life?

BM:  Well it’s really about  believing in yourself. I’ve always had my journeys in my career, and now its music. Anything you want to do is so achievable.  You just have to put in the hard work and determination.

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****For some of you, it’s not too late to audition!  Upcoming auditions take place In Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver*****