“Smart Girl” Power

On a cool morning in Montreal a few decades ago, a young aspiring athlete named Rosey Edeh tried to enter her training club. Her pass wouldn’t work. There was another administrative screw up. The janitorial staff refused her entry. She was looking ahead at another gruelling training session. She could’ve turned around and gone back to bed. She didn’t. And she found a way to get herself into the club that would help lead her to Olympic glory in the 400 metre hurdles for Canada. “You had to overcome that sense of helplessness. This was the only place we had to train. You think, you gotta get in there because you deserved to be there, you deserved to train. I learned how to persevere.” After competing in three Olympics, Rosey set her sights on broadcasting and went on to work at every major network CNN, MSNBC, NBC and finally, Global. She is the inspiration for her daughter Micha, a charismatic and unusually eloquent 15 year old, who is intent on carving out her own path. “I’m learning from her but putting in my own personality.” In a single parent household where there was no time for complaining, Micha happily accepts her mother’s boundless energy as normal and is inspired by it. “She never pressured me and I’m going forward towards my dream career using my own instincts.”  Micha currently competes in elite tennis at Toronto Tennis City and dreams of becoming an entertainment lawyer.


This dynamic duo is representing the 2012 Smart Water Smart Girl challenge, where any Canadian female over the age of 16 can submit a 250-500 word essay about her own inspirational female mentor and have a chance to win an incredible 8 day trip to Tanzania with Rosey and Micha and visit a community health clinic. “We’re going to bring in modern equipment and train staff. It’s an opportunity to highlight and elevate women,” said Rosey during a recent afternoon interview at Global TV.


For all Smart Girls everywhere who have benefitted from strong female mentorship, here’s your chance to tell the world and make a difference in another. Visit becauseiamagirl.ca or the smartwater Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/smartwatercanada for details on how to enter. Contest ends April 20, 2012.