Sing It Loud with Pat Brown

Sing It Loud

by Kristin Alger

Sing It Loud worked with some of the top producers, mixers, and engineers such as Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Quietdrive) and Grammy Award-winning Mixer Mike Shipley (My Chemical Romance, Def Leppard) Following the release of “Everything Collide”, Sing It Loud will tour with Mayday Parade, A Rocket to the Moon, and Sparks the Rescue throughout the month of May.
Vervegirl had a chance to talk to lead vocalist and guitarist Pat Brown in an exclusive interview!

Pat from Sing It Loud

VG: What was your initial reaction when you were approached to be signed with the label? Were there any worries, or was it all excitement?
PB:It was all excitement, the first concert I went to was Bad Religion. To be a part of a label owned by guitarist Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion is great. We really trusted them.
VG: How does it feel to have Fender, Gibson, Red Bull, Hurley and so many other brands sponsoring your band?
PB:It’s one of those things that you forget about until you sit down and think about it. We stay in touch with them. They’ve all been awesome and we try to return the favor.
VG: What’s the best part of touring with other bands?
PB: I love to go out and make new friends and form new relationships. You meet over 30 people on these tours! You hang out and watch each band play and then all go out together.
VG: Do you prefer performing at a small or big venue?
PB: When performing in bigger venues, I wish I was in a small venue, and when I’m in smaller venues I wish I was in bigger venues! Big venues are exciting and have massive stages, but I miss the floor level with fans.
VG: You got your band name from a lyric in one of your bridges and used it, are you still happy with the name you chose?
PB: We’re still vey happy with it, its simple. Our band name is like 4-2-4, it’s easy to say.
VG: What are your thoughts on Twitter? Do you enjoying tweeting? 
PB:I love Twitter, I created an account in March 2008, before anyone, and then it went big! I tweet about 15-20 times a day.
VG: After your May 11th release of ‘Everything Collide”,  do you plan on touring on your own?
PB: We’re going to start touring with Mayday Parade on May 8th, 2010, I don’t think we’re going to Canada though.
VG: We’re currently hosting a contest at asking girls where they “sing it loud”. Where do you sing it loud? 
PB: In the car, I blast my music and sing to everything.

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