Should You Be An Editor Or A Publisher?

Should You Be An Editor Or A Publisher?

Curious  which job would best suit your personality and interests? Take this quiz to  find out:

1. You are on the bus in the morning, headed for school. What  are you most likely doing with yourself during the trip?
a) I am planning  out my day from beginning to end. So much to do, so little time.
b) I read  a book.
c) I write notes to my friends.

2. It’s project time in  Social Studies and you can work on it alone or in a group, which do you  choose?
a) I like to work with a group of people, as long as I still have  most of the control over how the project goes.
b) I really prefer to work  alone, where I can do things my way.
c) I like to work with one or two  people, where we can work closely together on each aspect of the  project.

3. When it comes to social life, which best describes  yours?
a) Busy and exciting. I have a lot of friends and I love being on  the go with them.
b) I have a couple of close friends and they are more  than enough for me.
c) I like to meet new people all the time and I seem to  jump from one group of friends to the next a lot, but I love it.

4. You  have been asked by the principal to speak to your senior class about applying  to university. How do you prepare for your presentation?
a) I make lots of  handouts to give out during my talk. Statistics and graphs and information  about colleges and universities.
b) I do a lot of research, which I will  relay to my class.
c) I make up a list of questions to ask my audience.  The whole thing will be interactive.

5. You are involved with your  school’s yearly car wash to raise money for the children’s hospital. What task  would you most likely be given?
a) I would be asked to advertise our event  and make sure we get as much business as possible.
b) I would be asked to  sit behind the makeshift desk and collect money and give back change, as well  as writing down all transactions.
c) I would be put in charge of signs and  other attention getters to show people the way to our car wash.

If  you answered mostly A’s you would make a good publisher. You have a knack for  facts and figures. You get a kick out of charts and graphs. You’re also  organized and know how to advertise to get the best results.

If you  answered mostly B’s you might want to consider being a librarian. You prefer  to work alone or with just a few people at a time and enjoy the peace and  quiet that a library has to offer. Plus, you love books and you’re very  organized!

If you answered mostly C’s you would make a good editor.  You are creative in many ways. You enjoy meeting a variety of people. With  this job you would get to put those interests to use together. 

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