Shiloh -a Picture Imperfect and loving it

Vervegirl had the pleasure of interviewing Shiloh on her visit to Toronto. At only 16, Shiloh’s unique rock/pop/punk style is turning heads. Her first song release, Operator (A Girl Like Me) was a top selling Canadian single and now she has plenty of musical gems on her new album Picture Imperfect.

On the album, she not only busts out her singing talents, she also co-wrote a number of the songs. She has a diverse range of influence when it comes to music. From Celine Dion to Rascal Flatts, Shiloh is open-minded about musical inspiration.

Check out Vervegirl’s Kim Cooper interviewing Shiloh.

Thanks to Sharlotte Lawrence for her video skills.

Learn more about Shiloh at The Shiloh tees are especially cute, available on her site.