Selena Gomez talks about Kiss & Tell!

by Kim Cooper

Selena Gomez is showing off her multi-talent these days!  Her debut album Kiss & Tell is "passionate, fun and empowering" as Selena calls it.  After working on the album for a year and a half  with producer Ted Bruner, songwriters Gina Schock , Tim James, Antonina Armato and Selena’s band, the album has a serious rock’n’roll feel to it that will get you moving. 

Here’s a snippet of Vervegirl ‘s exclusive interview with Selena. 

VG: Why should we be excited for your new album Kiss and Tell?
SG: I wanted to make an album that was fun for fans and that they could jump around to! I wanted to make sure that the album makes you want to move around!

VG: Tell us more about the song I Won’t Apologize?

SG: This is the song I wrote on the record. People tend to change themselves for others. We try to change ourselves for the ‘cool group’ or for a boyfriend and that is something that I also went through. This song is about being yourself and not apologizing for it.

VG: A lot of these songs are about boys. Are these about personal experience?

SG: Even though I didn’t write the songs, I can definitely relate to them, whether it be about a crush or growing up and being yourself.

VG: The album cover looks great!

SG: I was definitely vocal about how I wanted the creative and style. My make-up artist came up with the idea of the lips and rhinestones.

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