Sabina Kelley on breaking the stereotypes of female beauty

Hi there, my name is Sabina Kelley,  some of you may know me for my role as a judge in the show Best Ink, or thanks to my modeling career. I have been modeling professionally for over 10 years, but actually before I became a model I was a dancer,  I was professionally trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and pointe. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to work for 2 ½ years as a Showgirl in Las Vegas at the Jubilee. Being a Showgirl at such a prestigious establishment, required many photoshoots and appearances, and through doing this, I realized modeling was another thing I was really good at and liked.

While modeling with a lot of tattoos goes against the industry norm, I have built a successful career in mainstream fashion working with top photographers including David LaChapelle and Bunny Yeager. Although the media is still dominated by the extra tall, extra skinny models, more and more we see different looks and sizes returning. I am really happy to be a part of this.

Me, wearing a lovely shade of blue lipstick, this picture was part of one of my favourite fashion shoots. It was taken by Shannon Brooke.

I really like it when I get emails from fans saying how much I inspire them to be an individual and have your own unique look and be a top model. That makes me feel good. I like being a positive influence. This weekend I will be in Toronto at the Northern Ink Xposure Art Show, from Friday June 15  to Sunday June 17. I will be there everyday in the afternoon, I hope to see you there so we can chat and take lots of pictures!