On the Rise

Lauren Conrad

By: Heidi Hofstad
Lauren Conrad is popping up everywhere. With her recently released book Lauren Conrad Style (featured in the Vervegirl holiday gift guide), and a new reality show and fashion line – Paper Crown – in the works, LC has tons to celebrate.  
VG: Did attending fashion school change your view of the industry?
LC: It’s a lot less glamourous and you have to work very hard interning and doing grunt work before actually [becoming] involved in designing or anything creative. I learned about the process and the industry when I was in school, but I think you learn the most when you actually work.
VG: What made you decide to go back into reality TV?
LC: I left reality television because I wanted to have more of a personal life and the show I was on just didn’t allow that. This new show allows me to film about things that I love, like working in fashion and [writing] books and all the other things that I do, and have a personal life, [as well] . It was just finding the right opportunity.
VG: Do you consult with anyone when it comes to design – even, say Whitney Port?
LC: I don’t talk with her about it, but I definitely get my roommates and my friends opinions on things – what they would like to see, what they can’t find, and what they want to buy. It’s the cheapest way to do market research.
VG: Do you swap clothes with friends?
LC:  We do. It’s cool to see how everyone wears pieces so differently; how [pieces are] incorporated into everybody’s style. Whether it’s a tunic – one person will belt it, another person will wear it with a leather skirt, another person will wear it with leggings. It’s important to have individual style, which is harder when you’re younger, because it’s easier just to wear what your friends wear. But [that’s when] you should be taking chances and trying to figure out what you like.
VG: With the popular choice among young Hollywood-types to flaunt their body, you haven’t. Why?
LC: People use their bodies in every industry. I’ve just never been one to show a ton of skin. I’ve done magazine covers in a bathing suit that are more focused on health and lifestyle rather than the sexy men’s magazines. If you’re doing it to promote health then it’s a positive thing.
VG: What do you splurge on?
LC: The biggest thing is probably shoes…shoes or bags. But I tend to go more classic [options, that I can] wear throughout the seasons.

VG: Would you call your closet big?

LC: I would call it two big ones. I need a lot of closet space.

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Lauren Conrad