Riding Waves with The Tide

By Angela McLean

Meet Austin Corini, Drew Dirksen, Levi Jones and Nate Parker. Together, they make up the new pop-punk band The Tide. This Los Angeles-based foursome blew us away with their high-energy performance and upbeat tracks when we saw them live during Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert Tour. It’s no wonder that the guys have amazing fans, including British band The Vamps who signed The Tide to their record label. Coming up, The Tide will be joining The Vamps on their 2016 UK arena tour and will be prepping for their debut album release which is slated for next summer. Catch The Tide now – this is just the beginning.

Vervegirl sat down with The Tide backstage at Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert in Toronto to talk The Killers, Friday night music nights and their epic prank war with The Project.

The TideVervegirl: You’re in the middle of your first ever Canadian tour! What are some of your must-haves while on the road?

Nate: My cell phone and hairspray.

Levi: My Nintendo DS and food.

Austin: Wi-Fi and video games.

Drew: Slingshots.

Nate: Slingshots?

Drew: We always take the catering food and slingshot it at people.

Levi: We never have slingshots!

Austin: I’ve had slingshots before. Those were bad news. I got into trouble with the slingshots.

VG: How would you describe your sound?

Austin: We are a lot like The Killers but more modern. We all have punk-rock blood in us. We’re really big fans of All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Green Day and bands like that.

Levi: Our live performance is based off the energy of a punk-rock show and our music is like top 40 radio but Killers-driven.

VG: You posted an acoustic version of your original song, “Fall In Love Tonight”, on your YouTube channel earlier this year! What inspired that song?

Levi: Food. [Laughter]

Austin: We wrote it back in LA and we wanted to write a fun song about a typical night out where you’re with your friends dancing and having a good time and meeting the right person while you’re out there. Back where I’m from, we would have this Friday night music night downtown and there would be this big concert. Me and my friends would go dance. It was really fun and that was the atmosphere that inspired the song.

The Tide PhotoshootVG: Do you have any set timeline for a debut album?

Levi: Next summer.

Drew: That’s just an idea of when the album is going to come out.

Nate: Expect a lot of music.

Levi: We’ve been working on it and writing a lot and we’ve been doing well. We’re really excited to show it to our fans.

VG: You guys are signed to The Vamps’ record label. What has it been like having them as mentors and friends?

Levi: So cool. They’re like our best friends.

Nate: They definitely don’t seem like bosses. They’re more best friends than anything.

Drew: It’s like having your best friend be like, “Hey, go play a show today.” You’re like, “Alright, cool, let’s do it!”

VG: Can we expect any musical collaborations between The Vamps and The Tide?

Drew: You never know.

Levi: That would be cool.

Austin: You’ll have to wait and see!

The TideVG: You guys have toured with The Vamps in the past. Have there been any epic tour pranks?

Nate: It’s a bit of a prank war we’ve got going on.

Levi: Me and Nate got pranked by Connor and Tristan. They call themselves The Project. While we were gone, they put coffee grounds, soap and shampoo into our beds underneath the covers by our feet. So, at night when we got in bed, our feet were covered in coffee grounds, soap and shampoo and when we opened up the blankets they were stained brown. The next morning I was lying in bed and Connor tweeted to his millions of followers that I pooped the bed! We got him back. We put mayonnaise underneath their door handles and on their phone.

Nate: Basically on anything you could touch.

Levi: Tristan picked up the phone and got mayo on his face. It was funny.

Nate: It was a prank gone bad though because James wasn’t even in it and he walked in first and he immediately got mayo all over his hands from the handle of the door.

Levi: Ah, it was good.

VG: You recently posted a new cover of Charlie Puth’s song “Marvin Gaye” to your YouTube channel. How do you choose which songs you want to cover?

Drew: When a song comes out that we like, we try to go for that song and do our own version of it.

Austin: We listen to top 40 radio. We just like the idea of taking what’s out there and what people like to hear and making it our own.

VG: You guys are fresh on the scene! Why do Vervegirl readers HAVE to check out The Tide?

Austin: There’s nothing like us right now. We’re bringing new elements to the table. We’re friendly and we’re here to party and make some fun music.

Thank you, The Tide! Follow The Tide on Twitter @TheTide and Instagram @TheTide.