Put Your Hearts Up For This Curly!


Okay, the minute Harry sings in Torn, its just like WAIT. AM I STILL LIVING. His voice is amazing and just I’d listen to it on repeat all day….wait..i do. a;lsdkfj

Two Words. Larry Stylinson.

Alright. so some may say that Harry’s straight as a pin, but NOT FOR LOUEH HES NOT. Bum touching, lip smacking, and ultimate bromance is not that. All I’m gonna say.

Okay. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH Some of you say Harry is the innocent young member of the band. Okay, have you been hiding under a rock;). Hazza here is yes the youngest, but definitly one of the most cheekiest lads around. In concert, Harry likes to change up the words like in “Save You Tonight” instead of saying “you should open your eyes, but they stay closed.”, he said “you should open your eyes, take of your clothes, CLOOOTHES.”  In More Than This he said “when he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, the drugs dont feel right, cuz i can love you more than this, yeahh.” OH HAZZA.

Next, please all (guess this applies to Zayn too, but you get the point) : Liam gets a girlfriend OMG AW I LOVE YOU DANIELLE. Louis gets a girlfriend: OMG ELEANOR IF YOU DONT MARRY LOUIS ILL MARRY YOU. Niall tweets Demi: OMG THEY SHOULD LIKE GO TO HEAVEN TOGETHER. Harry is snapped in a picture with a girl: OMG BITCH DIE YOUR GOING DOWWWN DOWNN.

Okay seriously?

Noone deserves to get hate like that, towards the boys, or the girl. THAT GIRL YOU SEE? She makes Harry happy. Don’t mess with her, honestly. She is no different from Danielle or Eleanor.

I guess I haven’t really explained why I love hazza so much, but like YOU GET THE POINT I LOVE HIM TO BITS AND PIECES. His mother and sister, Anne and Gemma, are so sweet :) I’m just rambling on, and you probably want me to leave, so BUBI. but seriosly I love harry. kuhbye.