The Prom Dress and the Bra

It’s time to go bra shopping, but have no fear. Pay attention and hopefully, the shop won’t be so difficult. For the Strapless Bra, it is important to get measured because a loose-fitting bra will definitely move around. Also, look for a bra with a rubber lining that runs along the top and bottom seams.

A cool bra that is less common is the Deep-V Bra. This one is ideal for dresses with a low v-neck. Some of them even come with pockets so that you can insert cup padding. Make sure to purchase some fabric tape to stick to the edges of the bra and the dress in order to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.
Finally, the Stick-On Bra. This one is good for strapless or backless dresses. This is a self-adhesive bra that can be applied up to six times before washing. It is not recommended for girls with generous-sized breasts (C+) because they don’t give good support.
For more bra ideas, check out these different styles:
The Body Shaper
The Petals
The Backless Bra
The Convertible Bra

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