Prom Diary: Lauren Collins

As Paige on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Lauren Collins has had her share of dramas. But when it came time for the actress to go to prom, it was nothing but good, girly fun.

Here’s what she told us when we asked for her prom night details:  

On friends as dates
My date was a friend of mine who I ended up dating for a while after, it was sort of like our first date! We’ve since broken up but it was a really fun few years!

On standing out (in a good way)
My favourite part about the night was my dress! My year was a BLACK year…everyone had a black dress so I knew I had to defy the odds and I went with pink floral…sounds like a prom nightmare but it was really fabulous. I saw it in the window of San Remo in downtown Toronto and just knew it was the one.


On pre-prom stress/fun
I went to my hairdresser and got my hair and makeup done which took quite a while. I’ll never forget sitting in the underground of the subway wolfing down a salad my mom bought me with my hair and makeup fully done wearing the ugliest sweats ever. I had an hour to get all the way back home, dressed and over to my friend Rachel’s! First my best friends and I went to one of our houses, finished getting ready and took pictures, then we moved on to the BIG pre prom with about 20 couples and ALL our friends and parents.

On must-bring items
In my clutch I brought Kleenex, money, lip goss, eyeliner and MOST IMPORTANTLY blotting papers!! They really saved me!