Prom and Proper

Prom and Proper

By Maya Haidar


Schedule as much time as possible to get ready for your Prom on the actual day.


Get your friends together and help each other with hair and makeup. Not everyone can afford to get styled professionally, so this is a great way to have a little party before the party!


To ensure a blister-free prom, walk around in your new shoes at least five or six times (three hours minimum)!


Choose a dress that you feel truly beautiful wearing. Avoid dresses that pull, fall, or make you feel too self- conscious. Remember that you want
to wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you!


A few weeks before Prom, start to experiment with false lashes from the local drugstore. Once you master these, they are a great way to add major glamour with minimal cost.


Think about borrowing a beautiful vintage bag or accessory from your mom, or another older lady in the family. You might be amazed at the cool pieces they have hanging around and it’ll give you that
one-of-a-kind edge!


Once you get to the Prom, try extending yourself to peers that you would never normally associate with. Nothing shines more than a girl who understands how to extend herself to others. A quick, “Hi, you look amazing,” can make a world of difference to someone’s night!


Don’t get drunk! Other people might be doing it but you want to maintain your classy composure. 


Bring a little mending kit, a bandage, and don’t forget to throw in your makeup supplies for touch-ups (see Lady-Like).


SMILE! When a girl smiles, she completes her look.

Keep These Tips Handy

Remember this is one day of your life and, with today’s technology, these memories will last forever. So when you say “cheese”, keep in mind that those pics may end up on a random Myspace page or cell phone. Anything you wouldn’t want grandma to seedon’t do it! Have fun and be safe.


• DO wear bright coloured shoes with a short dress. Bright dresses call for a black or metallic shoe.
• When it comes to earrings, drop or pendant styles slenderize the face, while button style earrings will give you width and balance you out if you have a long face.
• DO wear a shawl or wrap over a strapless dress and DO wear your bracelet over your gloves if they are part of your ensemble.
• DO refrain from applying makeup at the table. Instead, excuse yourself and visit the ladies room for touch-ups.
• DO tell your date how handsome he looks and reserve the first and last dance for him. DO dance with others if asked.

Compiled with a little help from A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux &