Pretty and Pampered with special makeup tips from Keshia Chante

Eight winter beauty tips that will brighten your winter days.

By Kelsey Malenchak

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The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla lip balm, $6

Lip Service
Lip balm – never leave home without it! Chapped lips can easily be avoided with a nourishing balm or gloss that has nutritious vitamins.


Bright Eyes
Brighten those peepers and bat away gloomy days by adding a silver shadow with a light shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes.


Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths, $9.99

Sweet Dreams
Don’t let late nights wreak havoc on your beauty regime. Going to bed with your makeup on is never okay. Keep a package of facial wipes within arm’s reach of your bed.


Hair Solution

Blistering winds and nose-dive temperatures can have a brutal effect on your hair. Just like your skin, your hair needs added moisture during the winter. Nourish your limp locks with an overnight treatment.


  Philosophy Cinnamon Buns bubble bath, available at Sephora, $21 LUSH Christmas Eve bubble bar, $6.95

Bath Time!
Relax in a deliciously scented bubble bath to alleviate exam stress and party planning anxiety. Seek out bubblies with essentials oils, which your skin will soak up.

Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder in Sandstone, $15

Cheeky Choice
It might be cold outside, but applying a bronzer in the winter will offer you a warmer, sun-kissed look.



Hot showers are tempting, but extremely harsh on our delicate skin during the cold months. Have your body lotion close to the shower and apply it while your skin is still moist.



Skin Saviour
The sun shines all year round – even on cloudy days. This means it’s important to use a moisturizer with SPF even when the weather is cold. Your future self will thank you for applying a daily SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.