Prepping for Back-To-School

By Jackie Middleton
The return to school is the perfect time to turn the page on the summer, and begin anew. Old friends, new classes and a fresh outlook will serve you well through the months ahead. To get you ready, set and on the go, here’s Vervegirl’s checklist for back to school prep.
Stock up on tools of the trade: Time to take advantage of the avalanche of back to school sales. Load up on pens, pencils, notebooks and if you’re lucky, a shiny, new laptop. Sad but true, not all school supplies were created equal.
Dress for success: It’s the one occasion when parents don’t mind you spending oodles of cash on clothes. Treat yourself to a wardrobe update to take you to the top of the class in style.
Be alarmed: Those decadent summer months of sleeping in were good while they lasted. A week before school, start setting your alarm clock to ease into the groove of waking at a reasonable hour. Make sure you take into account time for a shower, breakfast and any last minute school work before you head off to class. You’ll arrive at school less frazzled and ready for whatever challenges the day presents.
Make like Sandy & Danny: Grease reference, anyone? Summer lovin’ is a blast but when the school bell rings, it’s time to concentrate on your lessons, and not your vacation fling. Save the daydreams about the two of you for your lunch break, or after school.
Food for thought: It’s smart to add updated eating habits to your back to school to-do list. You’re starting the year with a clean slate so it’s the ideal moment to begin eating healthy and reap the benefits. Avoid foods that make you feel sluggish and dive into a diet full of yummy fruit, veggies and low-fat protein – all give you a brainy boost when you need it the most.
Note from the Online Editor, Kim Cooper:
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