Plain Jane makes a statement!

Louise Roe wardrobe consultation
Photo: Matt Kennedy/The CW ©2010 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Plain Jane
is a new reality TV series where British fashion expert, Louise Roe, takes one ‘Jane’ every week and transforms her from head to toe.  The mission is not only to give a brand new look, but to also build confidence and good self esteem. It is a mind and body makeover.

Louise Roe is the host of Plain Jane and is also a TV presenter and a fashion journalist from the U.K. Apart from Plain Jane, she can be seen on the MTV series, The City, has appeared in Fashion Police and has hosted red carpet shows for various award nights.

Some of Louise’s journalism credits include her bi-monthly column for MSN News titled, “Front Roe” and has written for Elle,, In Style, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Louise Roe
Photo: Matt Kennedy/The CW ©2010 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Online Editor, Kim Cooper spoke to Louise about Plain Jane. 

VG: What makes the show different from other makeover shows?
LR:  It’s a couple of things.  There’s always a romantic interest and I set them up for a date.  It’s the genuine nature of the show and the them up for a date.  We go out for 48 hours and I teach her how to flirt!  It’s the genuine nature of the show that makes it original and we have such a giggle while we tackle beauty issues inside and out.
VG:  After meeting a few of these so called plain janes, what are their common personality traits?

LR: They are all different.  They are all wallflowers.  They don’t dress in the brightest colours,  no high heels, and they don’t show any body parts.  They fear rejection, and to a higher degree, lack confidence.
VG: What are the biggest fashion faux-pas that you’ve found on Plain Jane?
LR: Hiding bodies in baggy sweats, wearing house slippers outdoors, not grooming hair – with a curling iron or shampoo!
VG: After watching the show, if viewers want to initiate their own makeover, do they need an expert like yourself to guide them or can they tackle something like this on their own?
LR: You can definitely do it on your own.  While we’re shopping during the show, I give tips that I want people to learn from.  For example, if you wear red you will be more likely chatted up by a guy.  
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Here is a clip from the new show, Plain Jane!