Perks of Being a Writer

perks of writing @ VG
By: Jackie Middleton

A career spent clicking away on a keyboard creating pretty prose is challenging and occasionally stressful, but it’s also a fun gig with plenty of perks! 

Assignments often open doors to people you admire from afar
. Interviews with celebrities, esteemed authors and awe-inspiring experts are common place when you use the written word to make your living.
Every article is a learning opportunity. Writing about what you know is easy, but being given a difficult topic allows you to learn and grow not only as a writer, but as a person.
It’s cool to see all your hard efforts in print! Whether online or within a glossy magazine, a writer feels a real sense of accomplishment when an article comes alive on the page for others to read.

Swag-a-rama! Occasionally, a client will enjoy your work so much that they’ll gift you the purse, or DVD you wrote about so enthusiastically. Rare but it does happen!

 Writing jobs don’t always have to be in an office. Many writers work from home, their fave coffee shop – anywhere! Have laptop, will travel! It’s truly on occupation that works from any locale!

Do you think a writing career is for you?

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