People still remember old hollywood

Most people in their teens and older can recognize at least one the following names:
->Marylyn Monroe
->Aubrey Hepburn
->Katherine Hepburn
->Judy Garland
->Shirley Temple
->Marlon Brando
->James Dean
It’s evident that these people are still very influential in today’s society. But what makes them so special? Well, the fact that they are all dead and gone. They had their time, and chose to make an imprint on our world, living and performing anytime from 1900- 1969. They have become iconic, signature characters and people in our lives and have made their mark in Hollywood–and not only on the Walk of Fame.
And what do you think of when you hear their names, well Old Hollywood of course. A time of black and white films, with cheesy over-exaggerated lines, big movements, and innocence. There was no sex, drugs and violence in the films these actors starred in. The actresses did not have to go nude or wear barely anything to be considered beautiful–unlike most “sexy” actresses we have today (Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox). Back when there was no Zac Efron singing songs in the halls of high schools, but Marlon Brando calling longingly out to his wife in A Streetcar Named Desire. It can be argued that these actors from back in the day have had more talent, class and elegance.
Old Hollywood has influenced everything from fashion to interior design to make-up styles.
In 2011 people were still dressing up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. So will today’s stars be forever remembered in the future? Are there any worthy celebrities that have been so influential in the 21st century, that kids and adults will be having their faces plastered on their walls in the form of giant posters in 50-100 years?