Part-time blogging turns full-time career

Part-time blogging turns full-time career

Having grown up in Toronto, attending Lawrence Park C.I. and completing post-grad at the University of Western Ontario, Elaine moved on to become a development officer at Covenant House Vancouver. Fascinated by the alternative reality of Hollywood’s star system, she started blogging about their scandals, sins and shopping habits on the side. That was early 2005.

Two years later, Lui has developed a solid rep and a nose that is, as she professes, second to none! is often the very first to report on the highs and lows of celeb life. With demand for her cunning commentary requiring more and more time (she’s also a regular on CTV’s eTALK), Elaine now balances her passion for helping street kids by continuing at CHV on a consulting basis.

vervegirl: How do you get your sources? Are they paid?
Lainey: My sources usually reach out to
me after reading my column. I’m fortunate that they enjoy what I’m doing and have something to offer. I do not pay my sources, but I do trade information. In gossip, information is currency!

vervegirl: What is the process of qualifying or disqualifying a gossip lead?
Lainey: I always investigate where a lead is coming from. Is the person willing to identify him/herself? How was this information obtained? Because if it’s your classic “a friend of a friend” or “I heard this from my hairdresser who is dating a guy who blah blah blah” story then I’m usually not interested at all. Nor do I spend a lot of time following up with people who write to me from random hotmail accounts. However, if this person can offer legitimate links to the industry and is able to provide a title or a workplace, then I am prepared to believe what they say. And I will protect what they say to all ends, meaning a source will always be kept confidential even if I have to put myself on the line to ensure it.

vervegirl: Who’s the hottest celeb couple?
Lainey: In terms of clout and glamour and full-on intrigue, it has to be Brad & Angelina. I know we all have our favourites and that we are all biased super fans of one couple over another, but you cannot deny that these two have captivated a universal audience — regardless of whether or not you like them. I’m telling you, very rarely does this kind of celebrity relationship come along so we have to enjoy the ride!

vervegirl: Which actor and actress would you love to see coupled up?
Lainey: If I could put any two celebrities together, it would have to be Lindsay Lohan and Hot Harry on a Horse — my nickname for Prince Harry. Can you imagine the gossip explosion that would ensue?! And if you were ever looking for a rival to Brangelina, this would be IT.

vervegirl: Any reasons to admire a celebrity?
Lainey: There are none. That’s the point. Celebrities aren’t real, they are caricatures, and the only time they should be used as inspiration is for fashion winning and/or sinning. Period.

Photo courtesy of ETalk