Pageant Myths… The Truth.

MTCW 2012My name is Devon Shewchuk. I’m 16 years old, love to dance, play volleyball, sleep, go to the beach… Just like an average teenager. What else? Well, I guess you can call me a “pageant queen”. Recently, I participated in the Miss Teen Manitoba-World pageant. After the jam-packed weekend came to a close, I walked out of the venue as the new Miss Teen Southern Manitoba-World… A huge accomplishment! When I got back to school though, although many were proud of me I still heard those scoffs and snide remarks behind my back. Why? I believe pageants have been put in a negative light. With a show such as Toddlers and Tiaras representing the whole pageant community, many myths and pretenses are shared of what goes own behind the curtains. As a titleholder, I believe it is my job to bring the truth to light!

Before going into the Miss Teen Manitoba-World pageant, I didn’t realize how much work it is to be a titlehMBU 2011older. Although juggling volunteering, schoolwork, family and relaxation (Relaxation? What is this word you speak of?) is difficult at times, I’ve been enjoying every minute of it! (Well… maybe not the Precal homework)! As more people become aware of my title, I’ve been getting more of the stereotypical questions that people often ask about pageants. “DInner Beautyo you watch Toddlers & Tiaras?” “Pageant girls are just real-live barbies, aren’t they,”  are some of my favourites. I had to share the picture above. I thought it was hilarious! I believe any titleholder could agree when I say that although we get dolled up for finals, pageants (especially the MTC-W strand) promotes embracing your natural beauty, inside and out. Once I get to Nationals, I have a feeling that no delegate there will be as fake as a Barbie. Each finalist was chosen because she has a “special something” about her that makes her beautiful to meet and talk to, not just someone beautiful to look at. The picture above was taken from an online post about Miss Barbie Universe, an annual competition that can be viewed over the web. The video of the competition definitely made me laugh. Check it out if you have some spare time!

In closing, yes pageants are for all the “girly-girls” out there. They are also however, for any other girl looking to try something new. Even though I was known as the athletic chick, MVP of the cross country team, that one girl in school who towered over everyone else, I didn’t let anyone stop me. Although people in high school “decided” who I should be, I hadn’t yet. Entering this pageant was my way to get out and explore the opportunities in my community. I am so happy with the decision I made, and definitely would never turn back.