Becoming the Real You

Becoming the Real You

Brrring! The bell has rung! Classes have begun, lockers have been assigned, and you are ready to embrace the new you. Right? But what happens when you’re not sure who the new you is supposed to be?

The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone! We all feel this way occasionally, even the Royals and Rebels of Ever After High.

Apple White is the most popular girl in school, and on the surface she loves her role as Queen of the classroom. Just like her mother, Snow White, Apple is the leader of the pack: she has natural style, a sweet personality, and  the natural charisma that makes everyone adore her.

As the group leader of the Royals, Apple seems to have the perfect life—but is there more than meets the eye? Apple wants to be so much more than just her destined  “fairest of them all”, and she worries that others don’t take the time to get to know the real her. What Apple is starting to realize is that she holds the key towho she is, and that as long as she is true to herself, she can find true happiness.

Feeling like you are destined to follow a certain path can be both comfortable and challenging at the same time. We have so much time to change, grow, and become who we are supposed to be. The key is to know that the power is all yours. It’s okay not to know which direction you are heading in, but understanding that you have the option to go anywhere is the first and most important step in the right direction.

Do you want to chop off your long locks into a pixie cut? Do it! Want to work hard to raise your grades this year? Make it happen. Whether you want to meet new people, pick up a new hobby, or totally revamp your life, the choice is yours.

As long as you are true to yourself, you will always find true happiness.

Find out more about Apple’s journey at

Vervegirl United and Habitat for Humanity Women Build


This past Saturday Vervegirl United, a team comprised of mothers and daughters, lifted a hammer and participated in the fourth annual Habitat for Humanity’s Women’s build. The team, headed by Vervegirl’s very own President and Habitat for Humanity Ambassador Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, collectively exceeded their fundraising target of $10,000 for the event.  Our efforts were aided by a group of generous friends who gave up their time, office space, and merchandise to help with the cause. We would like to thank:

Judy Tapp of Crave Gems
Yanna of Salon Y
The Helfrich’s of SUPsurf – for helping us  create such fabulous fundraising events.

The goal of the Women Build is to work together with 1,000 other women to raise $1,000,000, and build 6 homes in 11 days. This global campaign brings women together in a shared mission to build simple, decent and affordable homes alongside families living in need. If you would like more information about how to get involved with Habitat for Humanity visit

Thanks to a great team and hope you will join us again next year.

  • Baxter Whitney, Suelinh
  • Bray Kingissepp, Sarah Sam
  • Bray, Catherine
  • Carbone, Anna
  • Carbone, Giulia
  • Cranney, Miranda
  • Graham, Hayley
  • Hardy, Ellen
  • Hardy, Janet
  • Helfrich, Gayle
  • Mitchell-McEwen, Julie
  • Phair, Emily
  • Phair, Karren
  • Scott, Jennifer
  • Stuart, Joanna
  • Whitney, Joanna

Win $5000 towards Tuition!

Win $5000 towards Tuition!

Canada’s largest education and lifestyle fair is in Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Oct. 4-6 and admission is FREE by registering at!

Plus, you will also be entered for chances to win $5000 towards tuition, one of-S-trip Prizes, a Honda Giorno Scooter, or a Sony Student Prize Package. Receive 10 bonus entries by using the promo code vervegirl!

Get Creative and Make Your Own Virtual Quilt To Help Children In Need!

Would you like to take part in a great cause that brings comfort to children who are suffering from illness or hardship?

Camelot Fabrics and the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players just launched the #SewSocial Project, a charitable cause that will provide lap quilts with messages of hope to children in need via the Quilts for Kids foundation. All-star NBA moms, including Lucille O’Neal (SHAQ’s mom), recently got together at the Disney Yacht Club and created original artwork with family photos and messages of love, which have been transferred onto fabric for the children’s lap quilts. Watch the video here!

Would you like to design your own “virtual quilt” which will then be converted into an actual lap quilt and included in the donation?  Click here to visit Camelot Fabrics’ Sew Social microsite and let your creativity show!

Vervegirl Mirror In The Bathroom: Fifth Harmony “What’s In Your Bag”

Rachel’s got her work cut out for her this time! Not one but FIVE bags to check out in the latest edition of “What In Your Bag” on Mirror In The Bathroom! Fifth Harmony rose to fame on the hit show The X Factor. Now, they’re touring North America, but they have no idea Rachel is putting them up against each other in a WIYB showdown like never before!

Vervegirl Mirror In The Bathroom: FanExpo 2013 Beauty Looks

Vervegirl Mirror In The Bathroom: The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Red Carpet Premiere

Back To School Outfits of the Week!

Back To School Outfits of the Week!

Get inspired with some of the outfits I put together for my first week back to school!



The Secret Is Out!

The Secret Is Out!

Rowenta Beauty & Trade Secrets Help Women Feel Beautiful, Inside and Out

Rowenta Beauty has paired up with Trade Secrets for their 7th annual Give & Take campaign designed to help give support to women in need. Trade Secrets is offering 50% a new Rownta Beauty Tool when they costumers bring in their gently used hair tools, which will the be donated to a local woman’s shelter. Donated tools will be given to local women’s shelters, helping women look good and feel even better. Since its inception, the Give & Take program has donated over 30,000 tools to women in need all across Canada.

Are you are looking to update your hair straightener, curling iron or hair dryer? Now is the perfect time! Help Rowenta Beauty and Trade Secrets make women in need feel beautiful by stopping into your local Trade Secrets or Glamour Secrets locations before September 27th.

Check out or for more info!

Taste of the Kingsway Festival

Taste of the Kingsway Festival

16th Annual Taste of the Kingsway Festival

Come celebrate & have fun, food and music!

This Fall Festival take place along Bloor Street W. (from Prince Edward
Drive to Montgomery Road) is a food & entertainment extravaganza for the whole family.

Where: The Kingsway BIA (On Bloor Street West. between Prince Edward Drive and Montgomery Road)


Friday, September 6th, 6pm-10pm,

Saturday, September 7th, 11am-10pm,

Sunday, September 8th, 11am-6pm

Free admission.


For more information contact:


Twitter : @thekingswaybia

Blessings in Disguise

Blessings in Disguise

I spent a lot of the long weekend with my family and we had quite a few interesting conversations. Something my cousin-in-law said to me really stuck with me; blessings in disguise.

It’s hard to look at the bright side of every situation. How do you stay positive when you, for example, don’t get the promotion you have been working so hard towards for months or end up with a failed relationship that you’ve invested so much time and effort into. One way is to to look at the situation as a blessing in disguise. God is planning something bigger and better for you. Remember that the plans we have for our lives are different from the plans God has for our lives. 

We don’t always get what we want or things don’t always work out the way we’ve planned but thinking of the situation as a blessing is disguise might help you look at the bright side of a not so bright situation.

Kannesha Suresh



Instagram: kanneshasuresh

Are you a Royal or Rebel?

Are you a Royal or Rebel?

This school year, will you fit in or stand out?

The weight of a new year rests on your shoulders. Does it feel light as a feather or heavy as a knapsack full of books? Will you be the same girl as last year, or will this be the year that you break away and create your own true path?

Your choice is exciting, new, and may change with every Monday morning or new friendship. Just like you on the first day of school, the students of Ever After High will have to choose their own legacy. Will they do what they are told or will they choose a new path?

These are our kind of girls. The new generation of fairytale legends who are going through the same stuff as us: figuring out what we like, who we like and who we are. They’re learning, just like we are, that their destinies are yet to be written in permanent ink.

Meet the Royals and the Rebels:

The Royals 

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White—but she isn’t just another princess waiting for her prince to come to the rescue.  She’s more than just the “Fairest of them All”—she is a motivated, smart, natural born leader who takes her responsibility as the next Snow White very seriously.

Her friend Briar Beauty has another famously sleepy mom. The daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Briar is destined to sleep for 100 years. But you’d never be able to tell! She is spontaneous, energetic and always ready to seize the day. These girls are the Royals—they are always perfectly put together, and they know how to have a good time.

The Rebels

Raven Queen is destined to become a villainous sorceress, full of dark magic—but she is kind and a compassionate dreamer. She doesn’t have it in her to reign evil like her mom.

And Madeline Hatter, from Wonderland, is the smartest of the bunch. She loves riddles and puzzles, but isn’t sure about her future role of tea party hostess.

This year, walk alongside the Royals and Rebels of Ever After High and find your own destiny.  Will you be like Raven Queen, discovering that your past isn’t necessarily your future? Or will you rise to the occasion and live up to your tried and true like Apple White?

Will you be a Royal or a Rebel this year?