On Our Radar: Blush

On Our Radar: Blush

With groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix blowing up the charts, girl power is making a serious comeback. Enter Blush, the world’s first pan-Asian girl group who are taking the world by storm. Four girls from four Asian countries, Alisha, Angeli, Nacho and Victoria, have already had their first two singles hit number three and number one on a major US Billboard Chart.

We caught up with Alisha Budhrani from Blush to chat about the group’s success.

Vervegirl: You played here in Toronto in October. How was the crowd? Was it your first time performing here in Canada?
Alisha: Yes it was our first time in Toronto. It was great for me because my sister lives in Burlington so I got a chance to go out and see her. The crowd here was crazy. We have fans all around the world. We’re all about girl power so it’s great to have the support of our fans, the “Blushies”.

VG: Speaking of the other girls in the group, you are four gorgeous ladies with strong personalities, was there a bit of a learning curve to working together?
A: With any team you have to learn to adapt and work together. There are definitely days where we need our space.Blush-album

VG: There were five of you when you started, now there are four. How as the adjustment been for the group?
A: We were so used to being five but you just have to keep going and be strong. We’re lucky we’ve been able to adapt and we just recorded our new single “Every Woman” as a group of four so we’re excited.

VG: Looking back to when you first started your journey with Project Lotus (a show like
American Idol), what advice would you give your younger self?
A: Before Project Lotus I had just finished high school in Hong Kong. Looking back I wish I had done a bit more on my own and gained a bit more independence before joining Project Lotus. There were things I had to learn to figure out like laundry. I worked hard to become independent and strong.

VG: Let’s talk about fashion! You ladies always look great, who are some of your
favourite designers?

A: I love Versace, personally. I don’t usually buy it though – I’m not really a brand kind of girl.
Growing up in Hong Kong it was more about street style. J. Lo was one of my style icons. I love Zara though. Their items are so classy but you can make them a little more street by adding a gold chain.

VG: What’s next for Blush?
A: We’re focusing on the single for now and will be releasing an album at the beginning of next
year. Hopefully we’ll get to headline our own tour. We’re also excited to go back to Tokyo.

Check out Blush’s single Every Woman, available on iTunes now!

Connect with the ladies of Blush on Twitter or Instagram: @blushgroup

Enter to win a pizza party for you and your classmates!

Enter to win a pizza party for you and your classmates!


This fall check out DOLPHIN TALE 2 and you could win a pizza party for you and your classmates!

In theaters September 12, DOLPHIN TALE 2 continues the story of Winter, the dolphin with a prosthetic tail. Several years have passed since young Sawyer Nelson (Nathan Gamble) and the dedicated team at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA), headed by Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick, Jr.) rescued Winter, a young dolphin who lost her tail after being entangled in a crab trap. With the help of Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman), who developed a unique prosthetic tail for Winter, they saved her life against all odds.

Yet their fight is not over. Winter’s surrogate mother, the elderly dolphin Panama, passes away, leaving Winter alone and grieving, unwilling to engage with anyone, even her best friend Sawyer. When the loss of Panama may have even greater repercussions for CMA, they must find Winter a female companion that she accepts or they will lose Winter. But as time runs out, there may still be hope.

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Win tickets to the advanced screening of IF I STAY

Win tickets to the advanced screening of IF I STAY

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, If I Stay tells the story of Mia Hall who is left fighting for her life after a horrific car accident. As Mia recounts the events that led her to that fateful day, she must decide if she is ready to go or will fight to stay behind. And we’ve got your inside edge to see it before the public.

If I Stay is in theatres August 22, 2014.

If I Stay is in theatres August 22, 2014.

We’re giving away tickets to next week’s advanced screening of If I Stay and we want you to be the first to see it! Simply complete the entry form below by Friday August 15 and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Seriously! It’s that easy.

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We’ll be giving away tickets to the Wednesday August 20, 2014 screening in:

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal (English), Montreal (French), Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax


Winners will be chosen and notified via the email address provided on the entry from below on Friday August 15 before 9 pm, so be sure to give us an email address you check often! We’ll send you your download code and instructions for how to print your passes in the email, too.

Want to more about If I Stay? Get the full scoop, including our interview with Chloë Grace Moretz, here!


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Note: all showtimes are local time.



Chloe Grace Moretz shines in summer drama If I Stay

Chloe Grace Moretz shines in summer drama If I Stay

What if your entire world changed in an instant? Would you choose to leave or would you fight to stay?

For Mia Hall, played by the uber talented Chloë Grace Moretz, the biggest choice she faced was deciding between persuing her dreams and applying to Julliard or following her heart to be with the love of her life, Adam, played by Jamie Blackley. That is, until a horrific car accident changes everything.

Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia Hall in New Line Cinema's and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' If I Stay, a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo credit: Doane Gregory

Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia Hall in If I Stay. Photo credit: Doane Gregory

What should have been a nice country drive with her family on a snowy day leaves Mia alone, devastated and confused as her life hangs in the balance. Based on the New York Times best-selling novel of the same name by Gail Forman, If I Stay follows Mia’s journey through the past as she discovers new meanings to old relationships and encounters the many faces of love including family love and romantic love. It was this concept of eternal love and it’s many faces that drew Chloë to the lead role.

“There is so much energy swirling around If I Stay, so many teenagers and YA readers are completely infatuated with this story, so it was exciting to get involved. I was really eager for the chance to try and do justice to Mia and her wrenching conflict,” explains Chloe. “When you fall in love for the first time, it’s all new; you can hear your heart beat from across the world for that person,” she continues. “Gayle’s book depicts that beautifully and shows how love brings out all sorts of different strengths and weaknesses, particularly when a catastrophe is involved.”

Mia is a strong woman who knows that her first love is the cello, which also drew Chloë to the role. “I really wanted to show a female empowerment character that wasn’t about falling for the guy and abandoning her dream of Julliard,” said Chloë when we chatted with her in Toronto leading up to the August 22 release. She knows she fell in love with the cello when she was five and she’s going to live by it and that’s how I am with acting. I wanted to show someone to young girls that they could look up to.”


Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia and Jamie Blackley as Adam
in If I Stay. Photo credit: Doane Gregory

Jamie Blackley, who you may recognize from Snow White and the Huntsman, plays Mia’s love interest Adam who had us swooning in our seats from the first moment his handsome rockstar face graced the screen. Initially, Adam is drawn to Mia without really knowing why but by the time these two head out on their first date it’s clear that Mia and Adam are destined to be together as their passion and love of music grows into a love stronger than either one of them had imagined.

With music playing a central role in the film, Chloë spent time learning and honing her skills on Mia’s instrumental weapon of choice – the cello. “I did five months intensive training with a cello coach. It’s not an instrument you can just pick up and start strumming but I did try the best I could. I wanted to be true to cellists.”

With the characters going through so much on an emotional level, “every day [on set] was a hard, tough acting day,” Chloë shared. But in the end her love of the role and her love for Mia made it all worth while. “Mia was worth going though the emotion for. Music helped me a lot to stay in character.”

The bottom line: this is one beloved book adaptation to check out on the big screen. Just make sure you have your Kleenex tucked away. It’s totally worth it!

If I Stay opens in theatres across Canada August 22, 2014.

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Smell great and win with So?…Fragrance!

Smell great and win with So?…Fragrance!

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There’s something about a great fragrance that can help you to feel confident. It’s so uniquely you that you can’t help but feel great! That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at So…? Fragrance to bring you this great giveaway. From light and fruity to deep and musky, So…? has the scent you’re looking for this summer.

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Austin Mahone makes his mark on the music scene

Austin Mahone makes his mark on the music scene


You love him! Austin has almost 6 million followers on Twitter!

At just 18 years old, singer/songwriter Austin Mahone’s star is on the rise. He’s appeared in Details magazine and Entertainment Weekly and on Live! With Kelly and Michael, the Today show, Access Hollywood, E! News and more. His hit singles “What About Love” and “Banga! Banga!” have over 55 million views on YouTube. With the support of his fans, “mahomies”, this year is sure to be Austin’s best yet. We caught up with Austin after his appearance on YTV’s The Next Star and just before the release of his debut album The Secret to chat about what we can expect from the record and life in the spotlight.

Vervegirl: Austin it’s great to meet you! Congratulations on the success of the new single (“Mmm…Yeah” featuring Pitbull). How did you find working with Pitbull?
Austin Mahone: Pitbull is an amazing guy to work with. He’s always energetic, always having a good time – just a really humble guy. We recorded separately – I did my part and sent it off to him, then he did his part and sent it back. But then we got to shoot together. It was fun. I had a great time.

In 2013 you were named MTV’s Artist to Watch. Now, one year later, how have things changed for you?
AM: Since then I’ve had my first headlining tour and now I’m about to go on another one (with a stop in Toronto), which is really exciting. I’m putting out more songs and I’m about to put out my first EP The Secret (released May 27). There are lots of awesome things happening!

With your debut album launching soon, how are you feeling leading up to the release?
AM: I’m excited. I’m a little nervous, honestly. It’s my first release so I’m hoping it does really, really well. I’m sure my fans are going to love it. Most of the songs on the album will sound like “What About Love”. I worked with producer RedOne on all of the songs so the album is going to kind of have a backstreet feel to it. There’s actually one song on the album that I wrote and produced myself. I wrote the song in about a week then sat on it for about a month before we decided to include it on the album.

Austin Mahone's new album The Secret. Available now!

Austin Mahone’s new album The Secret. Available now!

You’re heading out on tour this summer, how do you balance your personal life with media appearances, meet and greets and life on the road?

AM: I have my friends with me. I moved them out to Miami and they travel with me a lot. We just like to have fun and keep everything just fun and happy because it can get crazy. We like to go to the mall, play basketball – just normal teenage stuff .

And looking ahead to the tour, what can we expect from the show?
AM: We have some different people opening – Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, The Vamps, DJ Alexander Loew. We have a bigger stage and more songs to perform and some super cool lights. It’s a good vibe. I’m excited to get started.

What advice would you give to teens who may want to follow a path into a career in music?
AM: Whatever dream that you have, whatever your goals are, never give up on your dreams and just keep pushing no matter what. People are going to try to bring you down with hurtful comments but you just have to work past that and keep working hard towards your goals.

You started out on YouTube as do many other artists. Did you find that you had to develop a tough skin as you continued to post?
AM: Definitely. In the beginning I would see comments with people saying, “You suck. Just stop singing. You shouldn’t do this.” And at first it really hurt my feelings and I would be crushed, but the more I saw and the more videos I posted I was able to move past it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received either about life or being in the business?
AM: Pitbull told me to always be respectful and kind to people when you’re on your way up because you might see them again on your way down. Taylor Swift told me to always keep my family and friends close because there are a lot of people in this industry who are hard to trust.

Be sure to check out Austin this summer in Toronto on August 13 at Echo Beach. He’ll be performing with The Vamps and special guests Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes. Get your tickets at ticketmaster.ca.


Stay connected this summer and win with Virgin Mobile RE*Generation!

Stay connected this summer and win with Virgin Mobile RE*Generation!

Samsung Galaxy S5 - REGen2.As exams finish and you get ready for a summer of relaxing by the pool, working or heading up to the cottage, keep your BFF posted on your favourite outfits and summer crushes with this great giveaway.

Virgin Mobile recently announced it’s newest RE*Generation phone – the Samsung GALAXY S5. A little phone that can do some serious good! Right now, $15 from the sale of every GALAXY S5 bought from Virgin Mobile will go to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation, an initiative dedicated to helping at-risk and homeless youth. The phone is available at any Virgin Mobile store or kiosk, or online at virginmobile.ca/GS5 or call 1-888-999-2321. The Samsung GALAXY S5 is the sixth phone in the RE*Generation program. Since its inception in 2008, the program has raised over $1 million in support of the cause.

Right now there are 225,000 Canadian youth without a job and not in school. 35,000 live in emergency shelters, and tonight up to 6,000 youth will sleep on the streets. The cycle of homelessness is extremely difficult to escape without help. With little income or opportunities to work, at-risk youth can’t afford decent, stable accommodations or the basic necessities. This lack makes it a huge challenge to sustain work or emerge from homelessness, and so the cycle continues. Watch a special message from Richard Branson to learn more.

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Girls Who Believe Fest

Are you between the age of 8 and 16? Have you ever dreamt about singing in the spotlight? Well now is your chance! All you have to do is create a YouTube video of you playing one of your original songs and email it to girlswhobelieve@gmail.com.  Your entry will be judged by ABC’s Nashville and YouTube sensations Lennon & Maisy. If you are chosen the winner  you will receive a trip for two to Toronto, a two-night stay at The Pantages Hotel, make up and wardrobe provided by West 49 & Benefit, and special coaching from music industry insiders at Entertainment One  AND will  have a chance  to PLAY at the second annual Girls Who Believe Fest with Meredith Shaw, fellow musicians  Molly Thomason and Ladies of the Canyon.  You have until November 5th to submit your entries, the winner will be chosen on November 12th. Not a singer but still wants to be part of the fun? Come watch the show and be a part of the Girls Who Believe Fest! The show is all ages so bring your sisters, friends, moms all are welcome! http://www.ticketbreak.com/event_details/671

Join the Girls Who Believe Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/644208605619425/

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Diva on a Dime: Indulge in Luxe Spa Treatments with Spa Week!

Diva on a Dime: Indulge in Luxe Spa Treatments with Spa Week!

Spa Week® by WaySpa.com is returning to Canada from October 15 – 21, offering consumers a chance to experience the largest spa and wellness marketing event in the history of the industry! Vancouver and Montreal (and their surrounding areas) are joining Toronto for the first time, allowing Canadians from coast to coast to take advantage of luxurious spa packages for just $50!

Spa Week has made it possible for Canadians to experience the healing and therapeutic benefits with a multitude of treatments – ranging from facials, manicures and pedicures using exotic ingredients to relaxing massages and rejuvenating body treatments.

Here’s a peek at some luxe treatments you can experience across the country…

Holts Salon & Spa Vancouver:
 737 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

  • 55 Min Therapeutic Massage – Valued at $100
  • 50 Min Aromatic Well Being Facial – Valued at $140
  • Manicure And Pedicure – Valued at $110

Trinity Salon & Spa Burnaby: 4138 Dawson Street, Burnaby

  •  60 Min Eminence Organics Customized Anti Aging Facial – Valued at $89
  • 75 Min Moroccan Oil Spa Pedicure With Gel Polish – Valued at $75
  • 45 Min Eurowave Stomach Slimming Treatment – Valued at $75

Scandinave Spa Whistler: 8010 Mons Road, Whistler 

  • 60 Min Swedish Massage – Valued at $148
  • 2 Day Spa Passes – Valued at $116

Sabai Thai Spa North Vancouver: 3B – 987 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

  • 60 Min Siam Blend Massage – Valued at $96
  • 60 Min Deep Anti Stress Massage – Valued at $110
  • 60 Min Bliss Facial – Valued at $96
Richmond Spa: 40 Richmond St. East, Toronto
  • 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage and Facial Care With Hand Paraffin Treatment And Foot Massage – Valued at $110
  • 60 Min Advancing Facial With Choice Of Mini Pedicure Or Foot Massage And Paraffin Hand Treatment With Massage – Valued at $100
  • 60 Min Detox Foot Bath With Foot Massage And Deep Tissue Massage With Back Scrub And Hands Paraffin Treatment – Valued at $100

Bamboo Spa: 351 First Street, Midland

  • 60 Min Hot Chocolate Massage – Valued at $100
  • 60 Min Eminence Organic Facial With Hungarian Anti Gravity Upgrade – Valued at $100
  • 60 Min Bamboo Pure Pleasure Chocolate Moor Pedicure – Valued at $75

Serenity The Spa: 249 Queens Quay West, Toronto

  • Microdermabrasion – Valued at $120
  • 50 Min Ayurveda Facial – Valued at $100
  • 60 Min Signature Deluxe Pedicure – Valued at $75

Moksa Day Spa: 320 Millwood Road, Toronto

  • 60 Min Mary Cohr Paris Customized Facial – Valued at $95
  • 60 Min Luzern Organic Deep Cleansing Facial – Valued at $85
  • 75 Min Moksa Deluxe Pedicure with Chocolate Paraffin Treatment and a Foot Massage – Valued at $80
Rainspa At The Place D’armes Hotel: 55 Rue Saint-Jacques Montreal
  • 75 Min Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure By Kerstin Florian – Valued at $75
  • 60 Min Algotherm Body Exfoliation With A Choice Of Salt Strength, Sugary Sweetness And Purity Navy – Valued at $120

Le Spa Du Manoir Saint-Sauveur: 246 Chemin Du Lac Millette Saint-Sauveur

  • 60 Min Nourishing And Moisturizing Facial Plus Make-Up – Valued at $95
  • 60 Min Hydrotherapy Bath With Essential Oils And A Sublime Leg Treatment – Valued at $125

Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux: 3900 Boul. St-Jean Montreal

  • 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage With Hammam Experience – Valued at $100
  • 60 Min Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial – Valued at $125
  • 105 Min Delicious Manicure And Delicious Pedicure – Valued at $90

One Spa Retreat Montreal: 555 Rue McMillan Dorval

  • 30 Min Swedish Or Aromatherapy Massage Includes 30 Min Infrared Sauna Session Plus Day Pass For Fitness Centre – Valued at $125, 60 minutes
  • 30 Min Mini Organic Facial Includes 30 Min Infrared Sauna Session Plus Day Pass For Fitness Centre – Valued at $115, 60 minutes
  • 70 Min Manicure And Pedicure Retreat (Gel Finish Optional) Plus Day Pass For Fitness Centre – Valued at $130
For a complete list of participating spas and their offerings, please visit www.wayspa.com/spaweek.

How to Choose the Right Skirt For You?

How to Choose the Right Skirt For You?

Skirts are downright pretty, right? But unfortunately, not all types suit every silhouette. You have to find the ones that flatter your body shape and height. Varied styles are available in the market and there’s a piece suitable for everyone no matter what body shape, height, and size you have. The tricky part is to look for those types that fit your body. Choosing the right skirt can be a struggle especially when there are so many styles to choose from. Choosing the right skirt shape does wonders for your body especially for the waist, hips, bums, and legs.


Skirts are one of the most girly pieces that we women can wear, so make sure that the pieces you choose bring out the best in you. It’s essential that we don’t buy just any style we see in the market. Think of your body’s flaws and best assets before you purchase a piece. Your body shape dictates what skirt type is suitable. Prioritize the fit of the skirt over the latest trends. Wearing a skirt should make you feel more feminine and confident. Learn the tricks in choosing the right skirt. Here are some easy guidelines in choosing the best skirt for your body type.


Big Hips and Thighs

Avoid miniskirts if you have big hips and thighs. The length shouldn’t be above the knee by more than one inch or two. A minimal A-line cut is a good pick because it gives balance to your full hips. Go for loose skirts with soft drapes. Don’t wear skirts that are too tight especially those made of Lycra fabric. Avoid bubble skirts, which will make you look heavier at the bottom. Avoid too much detail especially at the hem. If details can’t be avoided, choose those in dark colors and the alignment should be vertical. Avoid overall pleating, bias cuts, and flares.


Thick Waist

If you have thick waist, shift the attention away from your waist and down to your legs by wearing short skirts or long and full skirts. If you want to add a belt, choose a skinny piece and avoid thick ones that will just emphasize the thickness of your waist. Don’t wear skirts with details around the middle portion.

No Curves

Women with an athlete body type can wear almost any type of skirt and look good. Skirts are the best choice to femme up a boy-shaped body. To create an illusion of curve, select a pleated skirt and those with pockets like patch pockets. You may use thick waistband or belt to define your waist. Also, go for body-hugging styles that create curves.


If you’re blessed with curves then it’s good to highlight them while toning down a little. Just like for party dresses, choose A-line cuts, drop waists, flat front, and side or back zippers for skirts. Avoid wearing too tight skirts. For the fabric, choose soft and fluid then will drape over the curve. Avoid stiff fabrics, pleats, patch pockets, and big prints.


If you’re petite, wear A-line cut or tapered slim skirts. Avoid still fabrics and go for something soft and fluid. Choose knee-length and avoid either too long or too short because it will make you appear shorted. Choose those with vertical details that will add length to your legs.


Sport your best femme look by investing in skirts that suit your body best. Follow these skirt style tips and get the confidence you deserve.


Author Bio

Iris is a natural born artist. She believes that true fashion, as a form of art, comes out of pure passion. As a fashion blogger for Trendy Shoppe she keeps herself apprised of the latest trends in order to cultivate an inspiring and fun fashion and styling experience for her readers.    

Fefe Dobson – Legacy – download it on iTunes now!

Fefe Dobson – Legacy – download it on iTunes now!

everything you ever wanted to know about fefe!!…..including what’s in her bag!