Our Special Snowflake ; heart it ? <3 xo

This is Niall James Horan. Our fresh prince from Mullingar, our Irish boy, our left-handed, our special snowflake. This boy is amazing. His smile melts hearts around the world. And look how far he’s come, comparing the top picture to the bottom picture. Out of all the members of One Direction, he’s touched me the most. Everything he does just makes me smile. I love how awkward and silly he is. No matter how bad of a day I am having, I know that I can come home and see him in a video or listen to him sing and I’ll be happy once again. His voice is flawless. He’s the reason I sing. He’s my inspiration. Whenever I listen to More Than This, I stop whatever I’m doing at his solo and just listen because it’s so amazing. I think the saddest thing is that he have no idea how beautiful he really is. Every little thing about him is absolutely perfect and it hurts me to think that he doesn’t know it. When I found out he got braces, I’ll admit it; I cried. His smile was my favourite thing about him. I loved how a perfect person could have an imperfect feature and make it perfect. But as long as he did it for himself and not for other people, I’m happy with his decision. I’ve noticed him smiling and just looking a lot happier lately and that is the most wonderful thing I could ever ask for. I don’t care what happens; I will meet him and tell him how much he mean to me. I love you Niall James Horan. You’re my hero. xo