Our Inspiration Today

Many black celebrities of the 20th and 21st century have had a great influence on today’s youth and the world, too.
By Azali Powers, age 13

There are so many great role models that seem to blend into the everyday part of our lives. For instance, when Michael Jackson died, only then did we fully recognize how much he meant to the world and how much he helped people everywhere. It might not have been a charity, but he gave people an inner spark that made them believe that they are somebody. Even Tyra Banks may seem like a less important celebrity, but she made young girls feel confident and made them believe they are beautiful in their own way.  Role models like black entertainers, business people and of course, Barack Obama have showed adolescents and even adults, that dreams can be accomplished no matter who you are. In your spare time, instead of staying at home or hanging with your friends, volunteer somewhere. Put yourself out there and vocalize your dreams. You need to take the first step to make things happen for yourself. 

Question: How can you make a difference? Do you see your skin colour as being  a pro or con?
Which black celebrity inspires you the most? Find out all the information you can about them i.e. their personal experiences, their history, where they grew up, their parents’ heritage. Then compare their backgrounds to yours and see if there are any similarities. While you’re doing this, remember that they were young just like you and worked hard to get to where they are now.  You can do and be anything you want. You just need to put your mind to it!

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