One Direction: The Boys That Light Up Our World

One DirectionWho would have thought that 5 strangers from different parts of the UK would soon become brothers all living the same dream? After auditioning as solo artists for the X-Factor UK in 2010, none of the boys made it through to judge’s houses. Seeing the potential in all of them, the judges decided to bring them back and put them together as a band. After smashing their performances every single week, it was a surprise when they came in 3rd place. Calling them a ‘risk’, Simon Cowell decided to go with his heart and sign them to his label Syco Music shortly after the show ended. After selling over 153 000 copies of their #1 smash hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ within the first week of its release, everyone knew that these boys would be a success. Their debut album ‘Up All Night’ was released two months later, selling over 138 000 copies making it the fastest-selling debut album in 2011. To think this is just the beginning for them.

It’s hard not to love them when you first hear them. Their amazing personalities, sense of humour and incredible good looks can make anyone’s heart melt in an instant. It seems as though there isn’t anything going against One Direction, especially with their extremely dedicated fan base the boys like to call their ‘Directioners’. Their music has made millions of girls feel beautiful even if they don’t think they are. They taught us that anyone can do anything if they work for it and if you persevere your dreams will become reality. They aren’t afraid to be themselves, they know who they are and won’t change for anyone. One Direction are just ordinary guys living the dream, sharing their incredible journey with their fans.

By: Kristina Alexiou & Julia Bamber

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