Triple Threat Tremblay

Montréal-based athlete Kathy Tremblay is off to England to compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Her sport is the triple threat of triathlon, comprised of swimming, cycling and running. Vervegirl Magazine caught up (not literally – we aren’t that fast!) with Tremblay before she hopped the plane for her second and final Olympic Games. Good luck, Kathy! 

By: Heidi Hofstad

Vervegirl: How many hours a day do you train?

Kathy Tremblay: I train three times a day – so around four to six hours. I always start with my Pilates in the morning to just wake up my body. Then I go for a two-hour bike ride – on the weekend I go for three hours. Around midday, I go for a swim. And at the end of the day, I go for a little run. I try to run every second day to prevent injuries . . . this is pretty much my routine.

VG: How did you start in triathlon?

KT: I was just a kid who wanted to be part of a group. There were a bunch of us – both girls and guys – doing triathlon, and all trying to challenge each other. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t do sports, I would have turned out differently. And not necessarily in a good way, because I like a challenge; when people told me I couldn’t do something, I liked to prove them wrong. This is what I channelled into my sports.

VG: Why is this sport made for you?

KT: Because it’s different. I was a swimmer before and just swimming, swimming, swimming – how boring. Even when I was younger, I couldn’t handle keeping my bedroom the same way for a month. I had to redecorate by changing my bed around or making different art for my walls, so triathlon, for me, was just the diversity of three sports. And you play outside, so even if you do the three sports every day, it’s always different because of the elements.

VG: What does it mean to represent Canada at the Olympics?

KT: I feel so privileged, and at the same time, I worked for it. But I’m really, really proud to represent Canada. I’m going to London with my perfect team. With my future husband behind me, with my old coach Alex Sereno­­ – who I started with, and who came back so I can end my career with him – and I’m really happy.

VG: What’s your message to girls about sports?

KT: Doing sports makes you feel so good – you feel great in your body and in your mind, because you just activate your system. You’re more creative – doing sports is just a little source of magic. And don’t be shy. When I was a teen, the boys would tease me all the time, and I didn’t care because I liked to do sports. Everyone has strengths. Just do what you like.

VG: As an athlete, how do injuries affect you?

KT: You’re body talks to you. It’s just a way of saying, you need to back off a little bit; there are things you need to correct. It’s part of the game. It affects you, but at the same time, if you manage it well, you’re going to come back from it. You need to take care of your body, like you take care of your car. People bring their car to a mechanic to work on it, but when it comes to their body, they don’t take care of it.

VG: What gives you your competitive edge?

KT: My experience gives me an edge over others. The only thing I will think about in London will be my race – about being at the present moment. Training is where you learn, where you get the experience, where you get fit – and in the race, you just let it come to you, because you’re ready. I just want to really be myself and not forget all the good things I learned in training and just not get intimidated. I have nothing to lose.